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    We come back from the commercial break and we see Aids (@Aids Johnson ), Eric Draven (@seabs ), Rita (@Majour ), Leo Taylor (@Forrest ), @Trip in the Head , Nero (@Nero_x3 ), Alias (@THG? ), Lee (@Ovalhead Le Jobber ), @Gav the Champ! , @B.Dazzle, @Hollywood Jwab, Reagan (@The ReagMaster ) Joey Bryant (@DK James ), Michael (@Tsar), Christian (@CM Punk ) and the debuting @Lackin standing in the IWT ring. The Tournament logo are spinning on the titantron when Drake and Midas come out on the ramp with microphones in their hands.


    Drake: Well, here we are. Just a few days after the official announcement of this tournament, and we've already got the required amount of brave souls. Bravo! Bravo I say!

    Midas: Right! I feel like this calls for a celebration. IWT universe! You hereby have our permission to give us a big round of applause for this brilliant idea!

    The crowd starts to tentatively applaud the champions as confetti rains from the ceiling. The group of superstars in the ring look annoyed and eventually Drake and Midas have to cut it off.

    Drake: Right, well, on to business. We promised that this would be run by a completely random draft. And it will! Now! If you would please turn your attention to the titantron. Our lovely assistant will draw the teams right now....LIVE! Lights! Camera! Action!

    (shout out to me for managing to tie a tie!)

    Midas: Would you look at those teams! Aids and Leo! Jwab and Draven! Trip and the debuting Lackin....THE DAZZLING CHAVS! Mortal enemies forced together! Man is this going to be awesome or what?!

    Drake: Now then, the idea here is to get you people out of your comfort zone, to force you to adapt, to think outside of the box to reach success. You have some time to get to know your partner before the first round starts. So get to talking, make up strategies. Be prepared. Because the fun is just about to start.

    The tron turns into a tournament bracket, showcasing the teams and what awaits them on the road to the gold. We see the participants reacting to their partners, some positive... some not so.


    match scheduling (open)

    Feel free to use this thread to schedule when you guys can have your matches. But make sure to tag me or PM me when you have a date worked out and I'll make sure that the match happens.

    As for @u_cant_c_me : I am sorry to say that you did not make it into the tournament. You hadn't signed an IWT contract which was needed so I had to pass you over. But if you do join the IWT E-fed I am sure you will have an opportunity knocking on your door soon enough.
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  2. Reagan - @The ReagMaster thats you right? And we face a team with Eric Draven on it..... hmmmm interesting
  3. Got that Solidus vibe going on in the video. It fees like it was shot in the 70's with that wallpaper too. Still sexy though.:stopspot:
  4. Fuck yes, Alias! @THG?
    I love you!
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  5. Well then, Me and Aids should be something to see...
  6. O ok just keep mt posted on these things ok I would love to join somet
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  7. OH SHIT!!!! the dazzling chavs are reunited
  8. Oh boy, this is gonna be fun. Chavs vs. me/Christian has so much potential. I love it.
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  9. Boat load of suprise :hmmm:
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  10. Holy shit.
  11. I'll just write the days I'm good to do the promos.

    Next Thursday
    Possibly next Friday if I got no plans.
  12. Wait so when is the first round happening? Next week?
  13. Read the spoilered part. You guys have to sit down and decide on a date. Then tell me and I'll make the match thread
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  14. Seriously. You are going to have to be more specific than that.

    Sit down with your partner and your first round opponents and decide a date.
  15. I am here everyday. I can participate no matter what my partner or opponents decide. Once they state their availability we can choose the exact date.
  16. Also, if I were doing this video. When revealing Christian I would've put a caption reading "fgt".

  17. I am excited to see how you all do! Goodluck to all, and have fun.

    Congratulations to stopspot for how successful and active you made this.