Storyline And Your Winners by Pinfall

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  1. The British Kid was about to hit his finishing move, the crowd could feel it, it was coming.

    JR: Cole what a match, this has been a great bout and we know what's coming don't we? British is going to get the win, British is going to get the win! Bah Gawd British-

    JR is suddenly stopped in his tracks as Pain tags himself in jumping in over the rope and hitting his finisher 'Pain and Sorrow'


    JR: That is a damn shame, British had that won, this is despicable!

    Cole: You need to get your eyes checked JR, the fact is, Kid needed the tag, Pain saw it and helped out his brothers in arms!

    Pain is celebrating on the top turn buckle and The British Kid is clearly annoyed, Pain gets down and from the top of the turn buckle and looks at The British Kid, who is more than a little annoyed.

    Cole: British Kid has nothing to be annoyed about Pain saved his ass.

    JR: That is a load of crap, British Kid had this match one and Pain blind tagged in!

    OOC (open)

    @Butters! @The ReagMaster

    Part of a storyline :) This happened at the end of the SummerSlam Tag match. Thanks for the Match @Tsar and @Danielson

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  2. Danielson uses the chair on everyone

    and you win by DQ.

    That's how I have the finish.
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  3. Artist kills everybody by sticking his 100 dildos he got from Santa in everyones ass all the way through their stomach. You all died and I win.

    PS: We're using Aids and Farooq as a commentary team.
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  4. The Artist gets up after the loss.

    Artist: You may have gotten a fluke victory over Anonymous and Myself but British Pain feel the pain....

    @Tumbas get in here and show these guys how it's done.
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  5. We are? That discussion had been going on for a while and i stopped paying attention!

    OI! STORYLINE, no hijacking XD
  6. Just a confrontation., and probably a dark match if he wants.
  7. No way, part of a big ass storyline here :p But i'd be up for a dark match at Raw / Uprising or whatever :)
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  8. Kid: seriously?
    *Pain pats Kid on the Back before Celebrating on a another turnbuckle*
    Cole: British Kid should be grateful that Pain Granted kid his first Win here in IWT
    JR:But that Son of a Bitch should of let British Kid have his Moment
    *Kid in Rage British Superkicks Artist who just got up from the Pain & Sorrow which Pain Turns around and looks at Kid with shock as British Kid Slowly looks back with a blank expression before exiting the Ring and starts to walk backstage
  9. Pain gets out of the ring and walks backstage and the camera cuts to the backstage and it shows Pain walking up to British Kid and talking to him.

    "What the hell was that British?" He grabs a bottle of water and starts drinking
    "I mean come on, I carried the damn match"

    He throws the bottle in the trash and focuses his attention back on The British Kid.

    "I get us the win and you flip like that?"

    He takes a deep breath calming himself.

    "There's something seriously wrong in your head man!"

  10. *Kid Still Looks at Pain with a Blank Expression*
    Kid:......Carried The Match did ya? that why i had the finish in Sight then you decided to Blind Tag me? just so you can have something to boost your EGO....i do not Appreciate that and if you do....theres something seriously wrong in your