Anderson as the hero?

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  1. So I was thinking about it last night.
    Over the past couple weeks Anderson has been seen with a8s but when confronted by both sides he never gives a straight answer except that he doesn't like angle. Is it at least plausible that he might be sort of under cover trying to I guess infiltrate aces? I don't know it's an interesting thought to me.

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  2. It's possible at the end he'll help the faces, but not really the root I want them to go unless Anderson get demolished again.
  3. I prefer Heel Anderson, so I hope this isn't the case. But you're probably right, I can see him being an insider helping Sting and Co.
  4. I just don't think that, say if he is an insider that sting and all of them are aware. Perhaps it will be revealed that it was Dixie who gave him the orders to do it or something. Not sure but it just doesn't feel like he will be a member of the aces

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  5. They've already kinda screwed the booking by making Knox lose on TV when he should have just gotten DQ'd.
    Would have been better booking.
  6. I guess it could end up with Anderson as some sort of anti-hero after it's revealed that he's not with A&8s, he'll fight them but he'll also despise the TNA roster for assuming he was with them or something, but still fight alongside them due to circumstance. I don't know.
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