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    *Andrew and Spinzz are shown seated backstage in the "IWT interview area". Andrew is holding a couple of index cards, and Spinzz is seen wearing a lucha mask.*
    Andrew: For the sake of his identity Spinzz's voice will be altered.

    Andrew: So Spinzz, what's it like touring the world in a rock band?

    Spinzz: "It’s a complete trip. We are winding down an 18 month long world tour, playing on every continent, even Antarctica via video feed in support of our latest album, Mormon Monogamy. With a tour schedule like that you sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses, and you risk burning yourself out both physically and creatively. This is what has happened with Curlz, Coletrain and the rest of the band. So we have decided that once this tour’s over we are gonna put Astronaut Orgasm on the shelf as a live act for a while. Take some time off to recharge our musical batteries and then spend a couple of years in the studio. We have a good chunk of projects, both solo and in group that we want to do. We said that we want to compose the soundtrack for a movie series or TV series so that’s something we aim to do during this time. And I want to get back in the ring as well since I feel I can still go on the road."

    Andrew: You used to be a wrestler, correct?

    Spinzz: "Yes that is correct, I used to work in the squared circle, back then music was just a hobby and never thought it would go anywhere. I was happy living out one of my dreams as a wrestler but then this door opened and I jumped on it, since you never know when doors close on you again. I saw a chance and I took it."

    Andrew: Can you give the IWT Universe any hints as to who you are as a wrestler?

    Spinzz: "Now that would be telling. Half the fun is to see if the fans can guess who I am. Let’s just say that I was a man of many hats. I did a lot of different things with different people. One could say that I was searching for myself at the times. And now I’m a bit older, a bit wiser and a lot more comfortable as myself. So even though I have worked here before it will be a completely new ballgame."

    Andrew: What gave you the inspiration to start a rock band?

    Spinzz: "As I mentioned, music was always a big interest. I played in bands back in high school and I’ve spent more money on albums and concert tickets than some would deem healthy. I’ve always kept my ear to the industry and as a wrestler I ended up befriending the guys who would end up forming Astronaut Orgasm with me through mutual friends. And as I said, once the opportunity presented itself, I took it."

    Andrew: What do you like more, wrestling, or rocking out?

    Spinzz: "Putting me on the spot eh? It’s a tricky question, because they are two different sides of the same coin yet so similar. Both are a form of performance and both allow for such crowd interaction. I guess it depends on my mood; do I want a guitar in my hands or wrap them around someone’s throat?"

    Andrew: What made you want to return to wrestling?

    Spinzz: "As I said before, the time felt right. We decided to stop the touring and take a break, but I still felt like I have gas in the tank. I wanna go, I wanna be active. And wrestling is one of the two loves of my life so the time seemed just right."

    Andrew: So, do you have any idea when you're gonna return to in-ring action?

    Spinzz: "Once this world tour is over and I have gotten time to clear my head and prepare mentally. Wrestling is a different animal compared to music, so I’d like to take a day or two off to just prepare myself and gather some much needed focus. But I have friends in the IWT right now and if they need me I will be there in a heartbeat."

    Andrew: What are you aiming to accomplish during this run in the IWT?

    Spinzz: "What does every wrestler want? Gold. I want a championship around my waist and some girls on my arms. I wanna be the best, be it as a tag team or as a singles competitor. I’m gonna be on top when the cameras are rolling, because that’s when the money is made."

    Andrew: I believe that's all we have time for today, thanks for the interview Spinzz, we'll have to do this again whenever you're free.

    *The camera fades out*​

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  2. *Andrew and Spinzz are shown seated in front of a green screen, the green screen has an image of the Hollywood sign on it*
    Andrew: Here we are, back with another interview with the rock sensation known as Spinzz!

    Andrew: So, you're nearing the end of your world tour right? Have you been preparing yourself for your in-ring return?

    Spinzz: "I’ve made sure to study up on wrestling again, get a couple of hours of DVD and match watching in each days, easily done if you spend hours every day on a plane or on a bus, good way to pass the time."

    Andrew: What have you been doing to keep in shape while you've been away?’

    Spinzz: "I make sure to always get time in the gym each day, be it a simple hotel gym, a professional gym or just doing a workout DVD in the hotel room. I also make sure to eat 3 steady meals a day and eating right. I’ve also gone completely clean in my lifestyle when it comes to drugs and alcohol for 4 years now. After I started my music career I went on a bender for a while and I realized that it was impacting my focus so I stopped cold turkey. I wasn’t an addict, but I realized that I was risking heading down that path."

    Andrew: What do you think of the current state of the IWT?

    Spinzz: "I wish I could say I had my finger on the pulse of the IWT but I don’t, my schedule has just been too hectic. I’ve caught up from time to time but I have not been able to follow it religiously like maybe I should. From what I understand that tosser Frank is back and is back to his old moronic ways but what else is new? Also I’ve heard that Draven is looking for redemption and I wish him well, I have only good experiences of him. It looks like it is the same old asylum, but that is half the fun."

    Andrew: What are your thoughts on the new talent in the IWT?

    Spinzz: "There are some guys who were new during my previous run, like Gav and B.Dazzle who have stepped up to the plate and that is awesome. And I heard that Dolph’s recently joined the IWT which is awesome news for the company. It opens up a lot of fresh match ups and brings some volatile new blood to the machine."

    Andrew: Do you have any tips that they can use to advance their future?

    Spinzz: "Take opportunities, don’t be afraid to push and shove to get opportunities. The guy who sits on his ass ain’t getting anywhere."

    Andrew: Is there anybody in the IWT that you would like to work with whether it be with them, or against them at the moment?

    Spinzz: "Well Draven is always fun to work with. Dat Kid is also a guy I could see myself in the ring with as well as you Andrew. There are a lot of fresh match ups for me, some to be revisited, and some totally new. Let’s just say that I want to work with everyone."

    Andrew: Do you have any final words for your fans?

    Spinzz: "Just to remember what I sing in the song Man made Militia, Funky beasts don’t die. They go to the stars. Stay frosty fans and keep pointing those fingers to the sky."

    Andrew: And I think we are done here, thanks for your time Spinzz and I can't wait to work with you again!

    *The camera fades out*​