News Angelina Love re-signs w/ TNA

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    I'm sure most of the general forum viewers don't really care about this topic but hey IMO Angelina Love did a lot of things for the Knockout Division to keep it watchable during TNA's early days.. Also her last run wasn't terrible as far as women's wrestling go...

    A day after the company announced the signing of Matt Hardy to a full time contract the company has also announced that 6 time champion Angelina Love has re-signed as well.
  2. She's alright. She's got that disgusting stripper look and some fake boobs, but she's not that bad.
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  3. She looks like Skeletor with two boulders strapped to his chest
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  4. She looks like her new catchphrase is "SUCKADICKFORAROCK?! SUCKADICKFORAROCK?!"
  5. Ehh, at least she's better than Velvet Sky.

    She needs to eat more, though. So thin.
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