Storyline Anger and passion: Danny Jacobs vs. The World

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    We fade into the boiler room, where Danny Jacobs seems to be sitting alone leaning on the boiler itself. He looks down at the ground, looking very upset and angry. He looks up with his green eyes looking straight into the camera, and climbs up on the boiler itself to sit on it instead. He looks very tired, almost stressed. He gets his head out of his handpalms and starts to slowly talk...

    ''You know... Sometimes, I come here to recollect my thoughts. I came here so I could feel better because, as of late, I haven't been feeling all that well. In fact, I'd even say that my anger has gotten the better from me ever since SummerSlam. I needed a break from it all... I needed to sit here and enjoy the sound of silence. I needed to sit here and, even though this machine I'm sitting on is boiling, I needed to cool down. I have anger issues. I know that. I can't handle failure. I can't handle rejection. I'm a perfectionist, and even though I might not have failed in the ring at SummerSlam when I beat Michael, the fact is that it didn't bring me anywhere, just like all of my other victories really didn't bring me anywhere in the grand scheme of things. Instead, I had to move down. I had to step back and not get the title shot that I want, and the title shot that I deserve.''

    Danny Jacobs laughs annoyingly at this, and then continues talking, seemingly getting a bit more vexed as he keeps talking about this sensitive subject.

    ''Why, huh? So Aids can get his 1100th title shot? So Kid can lose by count-out because he ''doesn't feel like fighting''? IW3 is a team consisting of three people that see themselves as the elite of this company. Yeah, they have the credentials to back it up but the biggest mistake they made during all those years that they fought with eachother is that they bought into eachother's hype. They bought into themselves and they saw themselves as stars, meanwhilst, the people in the back and the people in the crowd didn't care anymore after Kid vs. Alias CXVI or whatever chapter they're in with their ongoing saga. Quite frankly, I didn't care either. They talk about how the spotlight got taken from them when, in reality, they lost their spotlights because they couldn't keep up themselves so they blame it on us, like it's our fault for actually showing up for our matches, for actually backing up what we're saying. They complain about being 2nd on the card like it's anyone's fault but themselves. They dropped the ball so we took advantage and we scored a goddamn touchdown. They dropped this company and WE were the ones that saved it. And now, the same people that boo'ed me are the same people that now cheer me. Why? Because our intentions aren't based on jealousy, our intentions aren't based on envy. We came in here, 4 months ago, with the intention to take over and change this company for the better and that's exactly what we did. Were we nice about it? Nah, we ain't nice people, but we're real. We back up what we say. The difference between IW3 and The Bullad Club is that, when we were held down by Michael and all those other tools, we showed them that we're more than what they think of us. We showed them we're worth that gold. We didn't take the IWT Championship from Luis Ovaldinho and piss all over the prestige of it, and then complain about how the IWT Championship isn't prestigious anymore. We didn't tell the world we're stars and then fall like one. We didn't claim that we could fight the world and then lose by count-out because we couldn't bother showing up. No, but you guys did, and that's why nobody can respect you anymore. That's why those hypocrites Virtue called you out, that's why Forté called you out. It's because this company isn't about you anymore. These guys don't boo you because they're hating on success, the people boo you because you're NOT successful anymore. You cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear. You guys can steal as many belts as you want, but it don't make you champions. Not in the slightest, which is why you guys were deserving of your spots at SummerSlam. You don't deserve anything more than what's handed to you.''

    Danny Jacobs starts laughing maniacally as he jumps off of the boiler, and starts walking back and forth as he turns his hands into fists. Looking more vexed as ever, he keeps on ranting as he continues to walk back and forth out of anger...

    ''But yet, I'm the one waiting for a title shot. Why? Because Aids used his rematch clause again, after losing the title again, just like he lost it four times before. He's gonna do his thing at Anarchy and guess what? He's gonna lose again, he's gonna go in there giving it his all and in the end, he'll come out with nothing because in the end, he IS nothing. He's nothing but a legacy, an accomplishment. He talks about him being a 5-time IWT Champion like it somehow compensates for his weaknesses, like it somehow compensates for all of his losses and whilst he's out there losing, I'm getting stronger everyday. Whilst he's out there getting his 1500th title shot, I assure you that I only need one because all this anger, all this hate, all this impatience, it has made a different monster. From two years ago to now, all I've done is work towards this moment. All I've done is work towards being the best, and now, I can proudly say that nobody can touch me. I can proudly say that I AM the best. Ask Michael, ask Bishop, ask Spawn, hell, ask Jack Forté and ask them how I changed their careers. Ask them how they under-estimated me, ask them and they'll tell you that I'm NOT like Aids Johnson, that I'm NOT like Dat Kid, that I'm NOT like Alias Antonio. I'm a different animal. This BIG GUY~! ain't nuthin' to fuck wit'. Whilst they do this to get attention on themselves and to get on ''Late Night with Jimmy Fallon'' and to get fame and whilst they care about merchandise sales, I do this because I wanna show the world that they were wrong about me. I wanna show the world who the fuck Danny Jacobs really is, and that's the 7-foot monster that's in front of you. I might not be a 5-time IWT Champion, I might not've had 3000 title shots, but that's okay because I only need one. I only need ONE shot, and I'll take that title like I should've done months ago. I only need ONE shot, and I'll never become a multi-time champion because I won't ever lose it to begin with. I only need ONE shot, and if they ain't givin' it to me, I have to take it myself.''

    Danny Jacobs flips out and punches the boiler as hard as he can out of anger. He seems to have opened up his knuckles because of the punch, as his hand starts bleeding a bit. He screams one more time, and then walks out of the boiler room whilst talking to himself as the camera slowly fades to black...

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  2. Nice promo lad. You v Oval closing a PPV will be a hoot.
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