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  1. *The following song faintly starts to play throughout the now darkened IWT arena.*

    *The cameras pan through the darkness until a single spark of fire from a lighter is seen coming from one of the top rows. This happens two more times before a small ball of fire continuously burns, indicating that a cigarette has just been lit. The cameras draw closer to the spark but nothing besides the faint light is revealed.*

    He was right, he was right all along. I should've listened to him. It's over, and after months of continuous downturns I can't say that anyone could be surprised. Just like every other company that has came around all of them end the exact same way, with their fire burning out. Yet, I still somehow see a small flame burning... waiting to be reignited. It's no longer up to the people who used to run this company to reignite the fire, but it's up to each and every one of us. The people that kept this damn place going when most of the others gave up on it.

    Yeah, I might detest the majority of you all but I can set that aside and see the bigger picture in the works here. With this company burning as bright as it use to, and with me at the helm. (Meaning that I'm the champion of course.)
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