Discussion in 'RAW' started by Donald Trump_, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. :notsure: if already posted.
  2. Another Rock concert? FUCK. YES.
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  3. :yay:, I loved the last one.
  4. Oh, boy, more Rock jokes on gender :nope:
  5. Rock concert? meh.
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  6. ''*WWE Divas champ Eve Torres vs. Kaitlyn.''

    Honest question. How many times have we seen this match?
  7. I'm down for a Rock concert, even if it's mediocre it can't be much worse than your usual Raw :dawg:
  8. The last concert in cleveland ohio? yeah i was there = Awesome
  9. Lmfao is that guy in the sig danielson? :haha:
  10. Mr. Danielson to you :aries:
  11. Cleveland ..... I'd love to visit that city (Go Cavs!)
  12. Cleveland Rocks
  13. Whenever I travel to USA ... The first city ill visit will be Cleveland and then Akron ... Idk why I just love Ohio lol
  14. That is an odd choice. Ohio is big into wrestling though :true:
  15. It's all about Cali. :yes: Miami. :yes:
  16. Rock concert : :yes:

    Eve vs Kaitlyn 36854755: :no:
  17. Finally Kaitlyn will win the title. Eve was a good champion but she needs to drop that title. She had a fine reign.

    Rock concert? Another reason for me to watch Raw.
  19. Rock concert is good, could've been in another show because the 20th anniversary is probably already packed and since it's an anniversary it'll probably be a good show for regular Raw standards, and the concert could've helped another otherwise mediocre show.
  20. The Rock concert, that's good. This is another reason for me to watch RAW.
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