Announcement 1st FNW PPV

Discussion in 'Fight Night Wrestling' started by Sackfist, Dec 9, 2012.

  1. We are beginning to plan the 1st FNW PPV. & I am sure you want your character on the card.

    Make sure your active weekly and post ratings of shows weekly. If your missing ratings you aren't going to be on the card, simple as that.

    To be on the PPV, you need to set yourself up with a rival and flame with that rival weekly in preview cards. The more you flame the better chance it will be on the PPV Card.

    On another note: This Friday will be the last show of 2012. As myself and Stopspot will be having a 2 week break and shows begin on the 4th of Janurary. This means that we will release the preview for Janurary on the Sunday, and will be open for 2 weeks. The winner of that card will have recorded 2 Preview Card wins.
  2. Good, as ill be working 60+ hours a week then. Post when i can, as everyone is expecting Aids as champ by Feb.
  3. Fuck yeah. :boss1:
  4. Awesome news, I'm hyped for the PPV.