Announcement for the next IWT Uprising

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  1. *Sees the tweet on his locker room's TV*

    He will? Damn, I thought The Cure was going to win everything...
  2. If eddie wins the OLE! award I will rage
  3. *Sees tweet through co-worker*
    Dexx: thats awful short notice...hmm... I need to get a "twitter"
  4. The camera pan to the Cure locker room, as Aids and George Stand waiting on the interview to start.

    Aids: Are you ready? How about i give you each $200, and you walk the fuck away.
    *The camera nods, and aids hands over $200 to the interviewer and the camerman, and Eddy walks over, grabbing the camera.

    You got that shit? We are about to paint this camera black. Let's fast forward one month, this week. Aids Johnson is going to face Victoria Parker in Octobers PPV, alerting the fans to the fact someone relevant is going to finally remove the trainwreck that is our champion. Less active than Senhor Perfect? Check. Less active than Gohan? Check. Less relevant than Based God Darth? Debatable, but there will be no debate when i step up to the plate and show you what a real champion looks like. I'll make sure my friend Eddy here takes a picture, since you wont remember me standing over you holding up what rightfully is mine.

    Georgie you got anything to say? (George laughs and shakes his head) No? What is there to say about Senhor, really? The guy gives Victoria Parker a run for her money, and i dont mean talent-wise. You know what? Let the irrelevant stay in the shadows. You need us, IWT. You are dying, and we are the cure.

    *They stare into the camera, as eddy drops it to the ground, giving the broken, white noise image as the scene cuts out.
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  5. *Trip looks confused as he walks by a monitor displaying the tweet*

    TRIP:What the fuck is a tweet?
  6. *The camera is pointed at Lucas Hacksaw in the locker room, reading this tweet on his iPhone*

    These IWT awards seem very interesting. I guess I should boost my effort to try and win one of these. Dat Kid seems to be very arrogant but I guess he shouldn't be a problem because after all, bad things happen to those who are arrogant.
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