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  1. *Victoria makes her way out to the ring with her tag team belt around her waist and the Divas title on her shoulder. Victoria is welcomed by a mixture of cheers and boos from the crowd. Victoria stands in the middle of the ring and takes a mic.

    Today has been a very interesting day. My current tag team partner has decided to retire and I was left with a very important job to do. Since I am the best tag team champion to hold this title, it was very important to me that I find a tag team partner that will compliment me well in the ring. Being a champion is very important to me and the wrestler I chose to join me has some great experience in the tag team division. Not only that, but my new tag team partner is in need of some retribution and will prove once again that he is a force to be reckoned with.

    The person I chose to be my new tag team partner is none other than Danielson

    *Victoria smiles and her decision is met with a mixed reaction from the crowd

    I have no doubt that Danielson and I will continue to dominate the tag team division. However, since we are champions, there's no way that we're going to back down from any challenge. Extreme Rules is just around the corner and we're in need of an opponent. It's time for the mediocre tag teams to come out of hiding and face us at Extreme Rules. If you want to make a name for yourself, it's time to man up and face the best in the division. If there is more than one interested tag team, there should be a #1 contenders match and then we will face the #1 contender at Extreme Rules.

    So...who thinks they have what it takes to take on the new and dominant tag team champions?

    *Victoria smirks, sits on the ropes, and waits patiently for some wrestlers to arrive
  2. *Rain looks from the back surprised*


    *Calls Farooq God of WWEForums*

    "Hey Farooq! Come see this!"
  3. Shabang and Eric Draven looks like your thread was unnecessary. :pity:

    So it appears we have Seabspot vs Farooq and Airbourne for #1 contenders?
  4. Yeah we set this up, you're welcome IWT.
  5. Back of the line son
  6. We are such good matchmakers
  7. Hmm? So you managed to find a partner after all.