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  1. The theme hits, and after the music hits, Aids walks out to a huge pop from the crowd. He does his best Scott Hall walk out, giving a gutar solo on a fake belt before running down and sliding into the ring.

    Aids grabs a mic from the outside, setting down his bottle of scotch in the corner....hitting up the corner to a huge pop, before walking back into the center of the ring - holding up the mic.

    Today is a great day. Extreme rules has one of the best cards ever put together by the IWT staff, and there is a true change happening all around the IWT universe. This is a special occasion, because while the future of the IWT is being set in motion, today is also the day I announce my retirement from the IWT itself.

    I feel as if everything I have worked for here has been a giant success. There are member's who I have worked with closely that are all succeeding or are having the chance of success as of this very moment, but the time for Aids Johnson has come and gone.

    I am the only three time IWT champion, the only man to win Money in the Bank, and the first inductee for Superstar of the year, but my rivalry with creative has become far too public, and my time here has faded into something I don't even enjoy anymore.

    That being said, good luck to the competitors, congratulations to the man who will take over the head position here, and most importantly good job Aids. *give himself a high five as the crowd cheers*

    This isn't goodbye, because without Aids Johnson who is to say the IWT is where it is today. This is not the last you have seen of Aids Johnson, but this is the last time you will see me step foot in this ring. *Aids paces around the ring, before hitting the corner one last time, as the crowd is mixed between boo's and cheers, before giving off a "we've got AIDS" chant one last time.
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  2. Chris Kaizer: :blackshock:....:please:
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    The crowd pops.
    Dat Kid walks out from the stage. The New Jersey crowd gets even louder. Kid isn't stopping at the ramp, he's headed straight for Aids Johnson.

    There you go, trying to take away my spotlight yet again, but this? This is just desperate. You can't stand the fact that someone else is in the main event aside from yourself, so you come out here and try to get MY people on your side. These people don't want you Aids, we're tired of you. Your time has come and passed, while mine is never-ending. You expect me to believe that this retirement is real? Please, as a man who has retired and injured on multiple occasions I know when someone is bullshitting and you're full of it. You're just going to take some time off and then come back so you can get a nostalgia pop. However that's not going to work. You want to know why?

    It's not going to work because you have LOST it and I'm not just talking about titles. I'm talking about everything, your career, your fans, your family, EVERYTHING! You are a hollowed out man just begging for someone to shatter you, but instead of letting someone actually do it, you're gonna run away while you still have a chance.

    I always wondered which one of us would outlast the other and I always knew it was going to be me. Look at where you're standing Aids.
    Kid points to all the fans holding up Dat Kid signs.
    I made this, not you, me.

    You said it yourself, Extreme Rules is one of the best cards we've had in a long time and you want to know why? It's because you aren't on it.
    Face it Aids, we never needed you. These fans don't need you, the young guys in the back don't need you, and creative sure as hell doesn't need you. Ha, when I look at the "Best of Aids Johnson" DVD I'm going to enjoy watching you fail at taking over creative. Look at you! So humbled now, like a domesticated cat.

    So if you're done wasting time on my pay-per-view, you can get the fuck out of my arena, catch the first flight back to Wisconsin, and have a nice retirement where you'll spend your days fantasizing about one day being in the Hall of Fame. Then years are going to pass, 5, 10, maybe even 25 and you're going to realize something. The only way you're getting into the Hall of Fame is if you're dead.

    So enjoy wasting what little talent you have left. Now get out, you don't deserve to be in front of these people anymore. Coward.​
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  5. Aids is like Terry funk. I'm sure this is retirement 1 of many :happy:
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    Aids looks at Dat Kid and his Datcolytes, taking a slow pull as he waits for him to shut the fuck up. It takes a solid 5 minutes of Dat Kid trying to bury Aids, as he stands in the ring listening. When it finally ends, Aids holds the mic up, before shaking his head in disgust.

    Who the fuck do you think you are? Cute long winded promo, everyone here is so impressed at how you come out here with your shovel and try to bury people. You couldn't hold my boots From, I know it, you know it, and everyone in this arena knows it.

    Face it From, you never were good enough, and you still aren't. You take people like Shadow and DK James and pretend you made them when they were already knocking on the door's for belts. You talk about all the midcard belt's you've owned, but everyone knows you could never beat Farooq when it came down to it. You are the 1x IWT champ who hasn't made shit but a failed company.

    Hell you face the Artist when you get to choose your opponent for your belt, because you don't have shit on the top tier. You will face Alias after his huge loss and everyone knows all you will do is name drop DK James, riding his dick to the top like the bitch you are. This is the end for me, but you haven't done shit that was relevant here besides becoming the WHC over a couple hasbeens and a few nobodies.

    *Aids takes a few steps closer towards Dat Kid* You got your opinions and your fantasy land bullshit dreams, but in the real world, you couldn't even beat Jonathan, you might as well be Dat Unknown Kid to everyone here, because no one gives a shit about you in your matches, they are always just there to see your opponents.

    "Come back at me when you can BEAT Frank the Jock, son." Aids says as he laughs. "I won my first IWT championship walking over your back to it, hell you threw me a bone and I became MR Money in the Bank. The difference between you and I is simple, I succeed while you settle for less.

    You want to talk about Hall of Fame? I don't need to have creative vote me in on shit, because when everyone see's it, all they are going to say is "Aids was better."

    Now with that being said, take that shiny piece of shit you carry around backstage, and pretend people give a shit about you somewhere else. You don't even have the right to say my name, let alone address me in person. Aids pitied.
  7. First off I've already beaten Frank The Jock at Wrestlemania 1, so I guess I can just come at you now buddy.

    I like how you try to downplay everything I've done in this business and then you throw around names like Farooq as if that's supposed to phase me or something. Farooq can't beat the guys I've already beaten. He is dead to me and he is dead to these people, but that's something you kind of share in common with him isn't it, so I can understand if you want to the empty wooden cart that is the Farooq bandwagon.

    And I hate to break it to you Aids, but I can't bury you as much as you think I am out here to do so. I can't bury you because you are already six feet under when Joey Bryant took the title away from you and I'm not taking credit for that. Joey Bryant got there on his own skill, just like I got this championship via my own skill against 5 other people, one of which was your biggest rival this year.

    So don't come out here and try to downplay everything I've done, acting all high and mighty. You stand on a pedestal made of lies and deceit, but now that you are confronted with truth you are taken aback. Needless to say look at where you are and look at where I am. You can say people come here to see their guys and I'm in full agreement with you, they do come here to see their guys, not me.

    But it don't matter who they come to see, because who wins the match is the man they'll see last, but you'll realize that back you're back in your little small town in Obesityville, USA, when you're watching YOUR GUYS get beat by me, month after month after month after month.

    So you walk out Aids, but just remember one thing. The last time you were in the ring one on one with me, YOU GOT BEAT! The number of the battles that matter, it's the battle that wins the war that matters and right now, with me winning the last battle and you retiring says it all. I have got the last laugh and I have won this war.

    Dat Kid slaps Aids Johnson across the face so hard that it echoes throughout the arena. The crowd goes "OHHHHHHHH".

    Let's see if you're really retired Aids. Go ahead, walk away!
    Dat Kid slaps Aids across the face again
    C'mon Aids walk away! Leave!
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  8. Aids takes two steps back after the slap, holding the side of his face that was hit. He give's the [​IMG] move before holding back up his mic.

    Buried? My time in the IWT is over, but it wasn't a fluke Joey Bryant win that did it to me, no. I held the IWT belt longer and more times than anyone else here, and an EC win means nothing to me. He, much like you, is a 1x IWT champ, holding his title just long enough to job to someone everyone had laughed at for months.

    You can come out here and talk about beating Gohan at WM1 but what was it for, what was on the line? YOU jobbed to the kid and shouldn't even be here, but I saved you by letting everyone know 100% that Colton had his back.

    Jacob Colton, another underperformer you demanded to face when he was at his lowest, your record should have an asterisk, all you do is beat on people when they are already down. You can't beat colton, you couldn't beat FTJ when it counted, and yet you stuck around here when you both should have been fired - since you were both losers in that match, just like all of us who watched it - but you get a shot at a belt that hasnt been relevant in the entire time it spent here.

    You might as well become the million dollar champion, at least a few midcarders might be interested in it. This is the last time you see me here in the IWT ring, you can try to piggyback off of my status, but those days are over son.

    *Aids looks over Dat Kid's shoulder at one of the datcolytes, pointing at him as to say "what the fuck?" Dat Kid begins to turn around to look, and Aids hits him with a low blow, spitting on him before sliding out the back of the ring and walking out through the sea of fans*
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