Storyline Anonymous: A message to the entire I.W.T. - Victoria Parker

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  1. OOC: awesome dude. So creepy.
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  2. OOC: Thanks champ.
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  3. Very mankindish, I like it!
  4. [​IMG]
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    That was awesome :yay:
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  5. Why are Anon vids so awesome?! Damn, you're great with this stuff, seriously.
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  6. Thanks broski
  7. OoT: That was fun, your voice makes me wet and scared at the same time.
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  8. Fucking awesome dude!
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  9. Thanks homie
  10. OOC: I was marking when I first watched it and I've watched it several times since then. This was fantastic just like your other Anon videos. Awesome job!!! :yay:
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  11. Dat Kid looks at his DX t-shirt.

    "Well fuck that plan, im going solo"

    Dat Kid tosses the DX shirt in the trash.

    "Anybody seen my cane?!"
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  12. *Farooq throws a TV with a image of a cane at Dat Kid*
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  13. Thanks all

    OOC: DX hates me
  14. I bet your next group is the 4 horsemen. jan 1st 2014, prepare for a week or two of another dat kid group.
  15. Damn. Fucking cool.
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  16. Please, says the guy who clung on to the cure to become relevant :jeritroll:
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  17. Double......[​IMG]
  18. OOC: Nice voice acting. What was the second part from? Some animated movie?

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    Also, since DX is no more, I plan on changing Dick back to Trip (cause I didn't think it was confusing enough already). Since he is a little whacked out if you want to use him in your storyline just PM me and let me know.