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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Obviously this story-line has ended without anyone knowing who it was. WWE obviously didn't know who it was either, but who do you think it could have been without it being :russo: style booking?

    I was hoping it would have been Cole or Foley to be honest.
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  3. I guess we'll never find out who it is, just like what ninjas kidnapped Samoa Joe back in 2010.

    Anybody who says this is just a :russo: coincidence, doesn't know what RANDOM means. #RandomFTW

    Seriously though, this is one of those really rare moments when I kinda despise being a wrestling fan. Just let there be a frickin common sense people! That ain't too hard, is it?
  4. I really hate it when they just drop story-lines, it completely insults fan intelligence. "Bigger Picture" is another example. Barrett telling us there's a bigger picture to burying the UNDERTAKER for god sake, then they just drop it.
  5. The anonymous GM was definitely HHH

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  6. I read that was the original plan but they changed it. It might as well been him considering he came back and became a sort of General Manager of the show anyway.
  7. I think Foley would have been great.

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  8. Same. Especially with the multiple personalities gimmick the Anonymous GM had at the beginning.
  9. I was actually expecting it to be Lita when the Edge & anonymous gm storyline.. was going on.
  11. Was santino lol
  12. That was during the period I was away from wrestling and I only came back just as it died.

    Maybe the issue that WWE had was that it was going on for so long that they were worried that whoever was would be underwhelming? Still better than nobody at all. I would have been so frustrated at a storyline dragging on all that time, and all it achieved was helping Michael Cole get over as a heel.

    I can't say who I would have wanted then, but Foley, Austin or heel Triple H would be cool now.
  13. Thing that annoys me is, why introduce a massive character like that without knowing who it could possibly be? WWE have no idea what long term booking is. It can still be salvaged though.
  14. Yeah that does seem odd. If only they put that much effort into lower carders.

    How do you think it could be salvaged?
  15. I want anon to make a comeback after mania feud with ace and teddy

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  16. He's probably too busy coding. :troll:{Plus it would make it really awkward feuding between two guys and a laptop.}
  17. Well it isn't a Laptop it's just an anonymous GM

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  18. Could have Teddy Long take charge, give RAW back to the Anonymous GM, then the Anonymous GM is revealed to be Ace. That's one example.

    Or have original Nexus attack main eventer, Anonymous GM returns and says "Remember the bigger picture" and create a story-line from there. There's many :russo: style possibilities.

    Could be that the Anon GM is the guy Ace is texting, he could be a member of the "board" and steps in to put Ace in control again or something.
  19. So you want the actually person to come back? Who would it be?
  20. I say along with the laptop have him at backstage segments with a voice changer and behind a shade that protects his shape

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