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  1. The lights turn on! There's not one person that isn't transfixed that MAYBE the one and only Anonymous is returning.

    Then all of the sudden

    Announcer: Oh hey look, it is his 20th return in 3 years.
    * Not even the condecending announcers can knock the wind out of the sails of the viewers*

    *Meanwhile, Anonymous makes his way to the ring and very subtly points to his heart, then toward the crowd. This gesture let's them know he still has love for them.*

    Announcer 2: Anonymous began his career fighting under the name WoodWarrior. It's hard to believe it but he is one of the original competitors here at IWT.

    *Grabs microphone*

    Good evening! It's with great honor that I stand before you today announcing my return. Well, TECHNICALLY I haven't signed a contract and am out here illegally but...... whatever.

    I'm here really for one thing. I want to murder Jonathan, literally. We all know he is too big of a coward to fight me, so I guess ill save my breathe and indefinitly announce that
    I'm available to be booked.

    For all of the competitors in the back, I am not here to start a stable, nor am I hear to form a tag team. For the first time I want to go at this alone, without outside distractions. I won't save brit from jail, tag with senhor, or help along the rooks.

    I look forward to participating in sev.... severa

    Fuck fuck fuck!!!!!

    I almost forgot jonathan is a bitch

    *drops mic*
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  2. Killing characters is against IWT rules. Closed.

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  3. *cuts backstage to jono and the dwarves*

    Oompa loompa doopity da

    Ive got another question for ya
  4. OOC: Jonathan, don't see the reason for closing? He didn't kill you, he just used the word in a different context. A few weeks ago Orton said he wouldn't stop till Rollins was dead. Doesn't mean he will kill him,
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  5. It was a joke... :facepalm:
  6. Damn. My bad for not taking the troll face literally and having to open the thread... :idk:
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