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  1. Thanks for the pointless tag, I would have seen this anyway.
  2. Most welcome
  3. *Unknown cuts off the feed from Anonymous*

    I laugh at you, I pity you. This mask is to hind the laughter and jokes that have been cracked on the man behind the mask, I was humiliated against a group of rogues when im partner @Rodrigo made me lose the matc- I have said too much on my past. You think you can just leave and come back and expect your place not to be taken? Forget about it. I am a much stronger force you have ever witnessed, you want to be mutilated for life just ask for the match.

    *The feed is cut off*​
  4. I loved this
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  5. Unknown? Is that what you are calling yourself now? Sort of fitting because that's exactly what you were when I left the company. It appears as though that you now have an IC title? How about this, prove yourself to me. Earn your mask, and if you hold onto your title long enough. Mask vs Title
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  6. *Unknown laughs*

    I was never unknown but mis understood, people confusing me for what I was not, I will gladly put my title on the line to anyone and everyone and you will just be another blood splat on my trophy case. I dont need to prove myself, YOU need to prove yourself against ME, The REAL champion.
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  7. OOC: Senhor is owed his rematch before any more title shots take place (after the rumble). Senhor has his IC title shot at Elimination Chamber.
  8. fucking triple post
  9. OOC: I know, I pm'd you what's going on
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  10. That was badass, the ending made me cry why must you do this.
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  11. Sir Lee: Hey guys, It's Sir Lee here with another reaction video, today I'm reacting to: Uber c00l Anon video, Brb i soiled myself lolololomgmogm! Fuck you guys for making me watch this...

    *Sir Lee searches on YouTube*

    Sir Lee: Here we go again, these degenerates make yeeet another viral video where people flip out for 12 hours and think they're so interesting, before going back to miserable lives....God I love the way capitalism controls lives!

    *Sir Lee watches the video in its entirety*

    Sir Lee: Wow, how cute. They are so self-concious and uptight about their identity, another man with a similar idea to wear plastic on their face is suddenly a villainous fiend. Well....I suppose tampons would be a start...And really? No mention of Me or Dazzle? Well I suppose we haven't tread on their feels....Yet!

    But, all in all, we have learnt something today, something really important; It's that even a bunch of disgruntled, overhyped, petulant tools....Have a sprinkle of humour inside their Burnt, bitter, sour tasting cake!

    Love Capitalism, Support Capitalism...I'M OUT!!

    *Sir Lee smacks the camera off the table, causing the video to go static*
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  12. You like the breakfast club?
  13. Hahah yea I've seen it a few times, not a favorite but it's alright.
  14. I was trying to figure out why it made you cry
  15. I didn't actually hahah made me laugh actually, it just cuts out from a creepy promo to "Don't youuu forget about me".
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  16. Marked for Simple Minds and Breakfast Club
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  17. :yes: :yes:
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