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  1. I will use this thread for my random IWT shoots if that's cool

    Here is my first one

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  2. Danielson Shoots

    This is fine. :otunga:
  3. Danielson Shoots

    Thank you GM
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    *as Danielson walks out of ring and up the ramp, video plays on the titantron*

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    *confused by what he's just seen.*

    *Walks back down ringside and destroys the announce table and swears to respond to this new video*

    *show ends*
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    @"lady deathbane"

    *hacked titantron*

    @"Respect Gohan6425"
    @"Dat Kid From Jersey"
    @"Senhor Perfect"
    @"Big Hoss Rambler"
    @"CM Punk"
    @"Dat LeoFarooq Deathbane"

    You've all been invited. Who will join? If interested PM so I can tie you into a storyline.
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    Literally love it :lol1:

    ....."by the way... gohan is a bitch"

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  8. Danielson Shoots

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  9. Danielson Shoots

    Oh shit that was so awesome, yo!
  10. Danielson Shoots

    Closing until story progresses with other members. Will be in touch. If you wish to add on to the anonymous video, PM ME and I'll open for a post. Thank you.
  11. Danielson Shoots

    Haha, first video was cabbage, 2nd had a lot of potential, the last two were just awesome.
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    Anonymous New Addition: The Voice of Truth

    The truth.........
    Something most of you do not want to hear.

    The rampant abuse of power by those who feel they are above the rest

    What do these have in common? The truth is that the IWT is infected with corruption! Favourtism, special favours, and liaisons with the staff of WWEF.

    They don't want you to know this, the truth is right before your eyes!

    Soon all will be revealed, prepare yourselves for a revolution! The end of things as you know it!

    For now you can call me the voice of truth. Who am I? Perhaps one day you will all find out

    (whisper)prepare yourselves......a revolution is coming.......
  13. Danielson Shoots

    Easily the hardest i've marked on this forum for any of these deals. Nice vid.
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    Thanks man.
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    Nah man, thank you. That shite is gold.
  16. Danielson Shoots

    I love how this is shaping up so far. I'm so excited to see what happens next :yes:
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    I can't take full credit, the dialogue in this one was written by a new member of anonymous.
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    :obama: So u are a group ....

    U should end all your messages with btw gohan is a bitch :dawg:
  20. I am nothing more than an idea