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  1. After a lengthy abscence, Anonymous has returned with a video.

    What are the plans of Anon?
    Are they with or against the GM?
    Who are they after?

    This video gives us little insight, but we know one thing is for sure..... Anon has returned.
    * Watch in full screen
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  2. OOC Yeah Victoria, whore. :awyeah:
  3. *Dat Kid who just watched the video on a tv backstage, limps towards the tv*
    Like I needed more shit to deal with! *Kid smashes the tv with his cane and limps to his office in a hurry*
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  4. Holy shit that was awesome Danny
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  6. OH MY GOD! :fap:
  7. I was jizzing in my pants after that.
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    *Victoria pulls a cameraman on to her backstage near Dat Kid’s office and looks directly into the camera

    You know Woodwarrior, it wasn’t too long ago when we were both on the same side. No one knew during the early stages of Anonymous that it had three members – and I happened to be one of them. I wanted to rid and rip apart the IWT of everyone that was unworthy of breathing the same air as me. But, I had even bigger dreams than that. You see Woodwarrior, I’ve always been strongest on my own. Even with a tag team partner by my side, I’ve always been doing all the work. You’re a worthless pile of trash just like everyone else in this company. You have nothing innovative and nothing unique to offer. Don’t all of you get sick of being redundant? I’ve heard the same misogynist, whore comments my entire career. They can’t touch me and neither can you. Try to find a chink in my armor – I dare you, see how you long you survive. You want to play with fire? Well Woodwarrior, let’s just see how long it takes before you crash and burn. I’m even more dangerous now that I’m on my own.

    *Victoria bursts through Dat Kid’s office, throws the tag team title on his desk and walks out.
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  9. *WoodWarrior is seen*
    * The lights flicker and when they return the camera finds nothing but one half of the tag team title*
  10. *Britanica is found in her old office*

    *She see's Dat Kid is no where to be found... Then looks at the tag title*

    - She talks to herself -
    "It is funny how so many chase these dreams... Dreams of wearing a belt such as this one... *strokes the tag title*
    "Only to realize that what it takes to be a champion has very little to do with leather and metal..."
    *she slowly pushed the tag belt into the trash next to the desk*
    "I had this company... I was the leader... I owned them all. I am not arm candy. I am not a weak link... I am the missing link. I will prove that once more."
    *she gazes out the window*
    "...It is time for change."
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  11. *The WoodWarrior looks at Britanica, and extends his hand*

    This handshake is a gesture of equality. You are my equal in this thing, and ANON thinks you have been mistreated for far too long. With our help you can return to your former glory, but we know that you have it in yourself to be whatever it is you want to be.
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  12. *Fan looks at Wood warrior, turns around.* "This guy... is good for business!"
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  13. Just got around to watching those, damn. Props.
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  14. Equality? Really? Aids is heard as he walks into the room, standing face to face with Danielson

    You want to talk about equality? I dont fear anon, i dont fear @Farooq , and i certainly dont fear you, Danielson . I am the IWT original, the champion who never lost his title. Mr Money in the bank. You want to talk about equality? Take a place in line, because i dont earn anything, i take what is mine. That title will be mine soon, and you will be calling me MR IWT as i stand arm in arm with Britanica and there is nothing you, or any pretend people behind masks can do about it. Come on brita, lets get out of this shitty excuse for an office, i had the stooges backstage prepare yours in the executive sweet, we can let our canadian friend handle this situation, thats what you pay him for.
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  15. *woodwarrior stares*

    You forgot about one thing aids..........

    *3rd memember of anon attacks*
    *Anon vanishes*
  16. Aids moves into the fetal position, while Britanica yells to "stop!"

    Aids grabs the 3rd members leg and punches them in the groin before bailing out of the room, while Danielson laughs, as the picture fades.
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  17. Good stuff Daniel-San. Wax on wax off type shit lol. I like the ANON angle since I know of the actual group out there. Good use of it for the gimmick. Diggin the altered voice overs too.