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  2. OOC: laughed pretty hard that was great
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  3. Glad you liked it dude.
  4. :yes: Best video ever
  5. i can't watch it because it says "publishing in progress"
  6. @Danielson your videos keep telling me publishing is in progress. Hit up a channel link?

  7. Added to the OP too
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  8. Holy shit. Your quality has gone up so much in the last few months. Skype or facebook me with how bro. Sick post. LMAO the bleeps not even really covering it was amazing.
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  9. damn....that was cole bro
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  10. I love you so much after this.
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  11. Ty :)
  12. Pretty sweet dude. Just like flipping out at the end with the bleeps, loved it. All you guys and your videos are making me want to do videos on here lol. I'm just lazy I guess.

    Danny, random thought, but just so you know I would lmao if the real Anonymous group somehow saw your stuff and got mad you used clips of their stuff in it. Get off the grid man, get off the grid!
  13. They don't want to fuck with me. :tough:
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  14. That ending make me lol so much with the bleeps. So glad I saw this on Youtube before it was posted :yay:
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  15. I wish I could make quality videos like dis, @Dat Kid & @Danielson teach me the way.
  16. Stand in front of the camera with no clothes on. Hit Record. Upload
  17. I do pretty standard stuff

    Enter youtube url

    Save the vid to your computer

    Voice modifying software

    Sony Vegas

    Edit it up
  19. I use Keepvid too :yay:
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