Storyline Anonymous vs Artist: Face To Face

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  1. *Artist dances out with a white opened jacket, sunglasses and a 1800's styled mustache as Juanita and Big Jizz walk out as well, he flicks his cigarette at a nearby sign and screams, "I LIVE FOR THE BED!"*

    "While in bed last night i picked up my poetry book and i found a quote that symbolizes what i'm going through, If your happy and you know it...and you really want to show it...clap you hands, if you angry and you know and you really want to show it....stomp you feet. I lost to Asses Antionio? That's because i had a fly in my eye and i couldn't see, but come Mania 2....I won't have a bug in my eye, i'll have a "W" in my Win, Loss record. Anonymous the last time we met was when you said you had found god while on a spiritual journey....The only journey you'll have at Mania is a journey to the hospital. Because come Mania 2...I'll beat your spirit out of your scrawny ass. It occurs to me that you think your better than me because your a favorite to win. Don't get a big head, then again you don't have anything that's big *Sticks out his crotch* Because i have size...where it counts. I've met a lot of people like you AM (AnonyMous) Ass holes who can make people fall asleep better than death it's self. People like you are everywhere in the IWT....From Chris Kaizer....To....*Looks really disappointed* Alias Antonio. But i never quit. Like i said before i'm here for the after party.

    *Hands the mic to Big Jizz*

    "He's slept with your mom"

    *Hands mic to Juanita
    איר בעסער לויפן, אַרטיסט האט אַ טענדענץ פון מאָרד און דיסטרויינג מענטשן ער טוט ניט ווי, ער האט סלעפּט מיט יעדער פרויען אין דיין לעבן אונטער עלטער 50, אַזוי ביטע זויגן זיין דיק און פאַרלאָזן דעם גלייַכן איידער עס סטאַרץ. אַסלאָ האַלטן ניצן Google זעץ

    *She hands Artist the mic*

    "Get your ass out here right now!"