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  1. *The scene opens up backstage in a locker room. All of a sudden, the IWT Champion Joey Bryant walks into camera view with a “B.Dazzle” shirt on and the IWT Title slung around his shoulder still. He has a big smirk on his face and the crowd in the background boos.*

    “What a night uprising was, huh?”

    *He looks at his title and pats it a couple times.*

    “Everyone who thought I was a fluke champion better have different opinions now because beating Farooq is no easy feat but as your esteemed IWT Champion I did just that. Not only did I beat him, I retired him. So make that 2, I repeat 2 different IWT first generation superstars that I have sent into retirement. Sackfist last year, who later returned which completely went against the deal and now Farooq. Not only did I add to my list of accomplishments, the second generation shined with Alias Antonio holding on to his title and showing Dat Kid what we’re all about and my partner Chris Kaizer won the European Championship. Some of you can sit there and say you don’t give a shit about this generation war but I’m going to keep repeating it until you do care because there’s really only one left. Dat Kid.”

    *His smirk fades as that name is mentioned.*

    “Instead of failing at Summerslam, Dat Kid needs to just split now and let our goal be complete. I know he won’t go down that easy though, he’s far too stubborn to listen to a little “rookie” like myself, right? But apart from Dat Kid, there’s good news! B.Dazzle has returned!”

    *The crowd in the background boos loud.*

    “He dumped that waste of air Gav, and I’m glad to see him back. Hell, if it wasn’t for him randomly disappearing on us a couple months back maybe he could be my partner right now. But hey, I have no complaints, I’m partners with the damn European Champion. My future plans are to go onto MITB, win the tag belts from SIN, destroy Dat Kid at Summerslam, defeat Frie when he wins the MITB match, and by that time none of you will question what a real champion looks like because all you’ll have to do is look at my face. I took down Farooq, and you will be missed, but you’re just another casualty in this generation war.”

    *He nods his head before patting his title one more title as the scene fades.*
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  2. Not just yet.

    *The scene reappears to see Joey in the ring confused. The cameras pan out to show the titantron, and it appears that Andrew is lounging in Trip's office. His feet are propped up on the desk, and his title lays on his shoulder*
    Hey Joey, how you doin'?

    *Andrew smiles and leans up in the chair*

    "You make everything seem easy, so I figured I'd tell everyone my fantasy list. I'm going to go on to MITB and put you and your 'partner' down, go on to beat Alias to recapture my World title later that night, and then go on to Summerslam and do what I couldn't last year and beat you(again), and Dat Kid to unify the titles once and for all. See, that wasn't so hard. But we both know it isn't going to be that easy. These next few weeks are going to be some of the toughest weeks of our careers. And if I can guarantee you anything it's that this war will have quite a few casualties, and you will be one of them."

    Now go, go train. And good luck, you're going to need it.

    *Andrew waves at Joey with a sincere look on his face*
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  3. Chris Kaizer walks into the GM room with lube, he sees Andrew and look shocked

    Well, tits.

    Kaizer awkwardly backs back out
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  4. *Trip is shown later in his office*
    TRIP: Why are there shoe marks on my damn desk!?
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  5. OOC: It could be worse, Jono & Kid had their desks pissed on, & set on fire.
  6. OOC: Yeah, I remember some bad stuff being talked about in the past. Its cool though. All storyline stuff. No biggie. Just thought it made for a humorous mental image is all.