Another new name for Generico

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  1. At least he's still using the Yakuza kick :phew:
  2. I mentioned it when I posted the spoilers.

    I like the name.
  3. Didn't read the spoilers :tough:
  4. Shit name like all of FCW/NXT names.
  5. Blame the wrestlers then. They apparently pick their own names, at least the guys with indy pull. Ohno and Neville named themselves and Generico is arguably bigger than both on the indy scene.
  6. I blame the fuck heads telling them to change names. You think if they truly let Generico and Hero pick they wouldn't just keep their names?
  7. Exactly that. They're obsessed with owning the characters more than having successful characters that the talent are comfortable with.
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  8. I highly doubt that the WWE fans are comfortable with Chris Hero and El Generico though. Majority of the WWE crowds are casuals.
  9. I said that the talent are comfortable with. Generico being Generico is natural to him. Sammy Sane? :pity:
  10. How would a WWE crowd be comfortable or uncomfortable with a character they haven't seen?

    He was talking about the wrestlers being comfortable with characters they've played in the Indies for years being yanked out from under them to become shittier versions with terrible names.
  11. I read talent as crowd for some reason. My bad.

    I honest to god don't see a problem with them trying new things while in developmental. The entire reason for them being there is to try out new things and work out kinks and such before the main roster. Look at Ohno, is vicious heel character he worked before (which he apparently asked to do himself) didn't work out so he is reverting to the Chris Hero character.

    the wrestlers have a lot of say in developmental with their gimmicks apparently so I wouldn't be to worried. If Generico wants to work another gimmick and not sign over his Generico gimmick to the WWE then that is all fine and dandy in my book.
  12. I'm not sure where you get this "The talent have so much input!" idea from? Sounds about like the opposite of what we always here from WWE. I'd love to continue this discussion but until I see some halfway decent sources confirming this notion, I'll have to stop. You are literally the only person I see who thinks developmental talent have a big input in their gimmicks.

    I mean, you keep saying "They have so much say in developmental" but the end game is ALWAYS a shitty name, gimmick and move set when they move to the main roster. Wonder why that is...
  13. Wait until he debuts, lets all complain about that name because surely it's going to be dreadful too...

    Also, in this age where we have generic ass names like "Cody Rhodes", "Justin Gabriel", and even "Daniel Bryan" running around, don't tell me WWE wouldn't be fine with "Chris Hero". And I wouldn't blame him because nobody in their right mind would think "Kassius Ohno" > "Chris Hero"

    Think part of why Ryback got over so quickly as somebody different was his awkward name, it helped him stand out. "El Generico" could do the same thing, plus it'll make the kiddies laugh.
  14. Lol this.

    I don't believe the wrestlers choose them either to be honest. Gone are the days of gimmick names too like Undertaker, Kane, Rock, etc. All these realistic -- but not, because they're shit -- type name are pathetic.
  15. Lol'd. Stupid name.

    What's the point of even bringing him in? No mask, new name? He's just going to look like some vanilla midget jobber to the casuals and probably even the smarks. At least with the mask and name he'd be interesting.
  16. I don't think this is looking good for Generico right now. Obviously it's incredibly early at the moment, but I just don't see this turning out too great, at least not as good as it could have been if they'd left his gimmick/attire alone completely.
  17. Three of the biggest stars of all time are named after a marvel character, a large stone and a cold person... it really doesn't matter IMO, also I'm a huge Generico fan boy but he'll get over a shitty name because he's fucking awesome. One tweak I'd have liked would have been calling him Sammy Same as a bit of a homage to Generic.
  18. Names like The Rock are better and shouldn't be compared to crap names. I understand it may sound silly, but those gimmick names are better. It helps force the kayfabe on you imo. I have more to add but I'm on my phone :emoji_slight_frown:.
  19. Well, I hope that when he actually debuts he's with the mask on and is named El Generico.