Another Return for Post-EC RAW Rumoured

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    Hogan is back, brother :hogan:
  2. So Hogan is finally back in WWE I bet Dixie is hating this so much
  3. I wonder if Sting will appear for Network promotion as well.... rumors are that he was extremely close to signing or even signed already.... Return of Taker and Hogan makes the 24th an anticipated show for sure.
  4. PWInsider reports that Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart are both now officially booked for the February 24th WWE RAW from Green Bay, Wisconsin. This is the same night the WWE Network launches.

    Hogan has had an agreement to return to WWE for some time following his TNA departure. Hogan was originally slated to return during the WWE Network announcement in Las Vegas but the company changed those plans the night before.

    As noted, The Undertaker will also be on that RAW. Other top stars are expected to appear
  5. If Undertaker is returning only for Brock Lesnar to come out, I'm not looking forward to it at all
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  7. Dude Jack Brother, man.

  9. If you're not hyped for the legendary man with hotdog like skin and hair like that of a chinese man than you're lying to yourself!
  10. I'm pretty excited to see Hogan appear again, the 24th should be a good show.
    lmao, Always Sunny reference?
  11. Hulkamania still runs wild.
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  12. Lol yes, that's literally one of my top 5 favorite episodes.. and yes it's because it has to do with wrestling and also because Rowdy Roddy Piper is fucking awesome in the episodes he's been on the show for as The Maniac haha.
  13. I thought Jimmy Hart was confirmed also.
  14. He is.. see Roadster's post above.
  15. Bottom of the spoiler post.
  16. Oh.... didn't read it all lol, Just saw another thread about Hogan.
  17. Fucking +1 always sunny is damned amazing!!!!