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  1. *He walks out slowly with his vest on with cargo shorts walking down and wiping his arm from anyone trying to tag him*

    "Aids and Kaizer....Aids and Kaizer! Those two sum bitches cost me my match! my shot! my round! Well i'm here to say to everyone in this locker room, that i'm sick and tired of whats happening here in the IWT!"

    *Crowd Starts Chanting We Want Kaizer*

    "Shaddup! People think i'm jokin around, people think i'm doin comedy crap! Well you step into this ring, anyone, and feel me stompin one into your chest and you tell me, is this S.O.B kidding around?!"

    *Crowd Boo's*

    "Not once did i ever tell anyone that i'm doin this because i find it fun! i'm doin this because Stone Cold here likes kickin ass! but latley i've been on a 1-3-1 w-l-d streak! and it's about time this changes!"

    *Crowd Stars Chanting, We Want Aids!*

    "Shut your mouths before i jump over there and kick your ass, you little freaks! Back to the point i don't care if that jobber Reags wants some! i don't care if gav wants some! i don't care if Trip wants some because i don't have to prove myself to nobody! i have to prove my objective to every stupid sum bitch in the back and here because that's the only way anything can be done around this piece of garbage IWT!"

    *Crowd Boo's*

    "I now know what i will do! i'll kick who's ever ass i have to! walk over to the back give him a boot and continue until every sum bitch knows that i ain't doin comedy crap!"

    *Crowd Starts Chanting Comedy Crap*

    *He waits looking at the stage with a look as if he's listening intensly*

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  2. *Spotlights illuminate the entire arena making it nearly impossible to see the man approaching*
    *Music Hits

    *Announcer 1 Seriously, what is with this guy, every time we see him he wants to be something else*
    *Announcer 2 Yeah, he's dreamy.*
    *Stands at ramp w/ microphone wearing all white*

    Hey guys, last time you seen me I was a little out of line. I went on a month long spiritual journey and I found god. You won't believe this, but it isn't @Dat Kid. Shame on me for believing god was black.

    *EVERYONE LAUGHS :true:*

    Anyways, I'd like to challenge you to a match my friend. It should be a great battle and hopefully we can still be friends after. If anything, we will make each other better by conditioning our body, mind, and most importantly soul. If you are up for it, let's do this


    I'll see you soon buddy
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  3. "If you call me your friend or buddy again i'm going to walk over there and beat the spirituality out of ya! See ya at Mania, son!" ​
  4. That's rude
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  5. #Hype.
  6. #WrestlemaniaMainEvent
  7. "Wanna knows what's rude? It will be rude when i walk over and stomp one into our sorry ass! at Mania, son!"​
  8. Temper temper, let's just relax a bit. Do you know about the herb?
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  9. "Do you know of an ass kicking? Which you'll be on the receiving end of?"​
  10. OH yes I do. Our god is a vengeful one. I do wish you the best of luck in your failure. [​IMG]
  11. I'll do your next line

    You sit there, and you thump your bible and say your prayers and didn't get you anywhere! Talk about your Psalms, talk about John 3:16. Austin 3:16 says I just whipped your ass!
  12. I'm going to deliver that promo if i win at mania, after the match it would make more sense with my character.
  13. *Meanwhile, Kousaki watches the action from his car and falls asleep whenever Mandela talks. Once Danielson talks, he wakes up and watches intently.*
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  14. Why everyone hatin on me? :cry:
  15. because you are Roadster