Storyline Another Speech By Aiden Ryan.

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  1. "Ladies And Gentleman, Please welcome our guest at this time..."

    As The Music blasts Aiden Ryan's name appears on the titantron causing the audience to stand up and cheer.
    Aiden Ryan walks out in his casual wear and slowly makes his way down the ring. Once he makes it to the steal steps he hovers his palm over his forehead and glances around at the arena. He quickly runs into the ring and jumps upon the middle rope in the corner and gives the audience a loud scream in excitement.

    The mat makes a thump as Aiden's two feet hit the canvas, he runs over to grab the microphone waiting for him in the corner.

    "Now, I know it's been a week since i sorta ditched you all, but i for one couldn't even wrap my mind about wanting to miss this. An Anniversary is something i am totally down and it feels kinda good to be back... But let's get to the reason of why i am exactly here and talking to all off you tonight."

    Aiden Nods as he looks around once more and mouths "Wow." with a slight laugh, He then lifts the microphone back up to continue speaking.

    "For two years this company has seen it's ups and down's, but mostly up's and that's what makes this company grander then any promotion to date. We have originality, creativity, charisma, and passion. All if not most companies require two or one of these assets and seemingly enough crumble at it's first year. This company has risen to it's greatest and with the newer talent coming in month by month we see thing's progress in such a fast, yet refreshing way. You may all think this is cheesy or corny, something to laugh at really but if you think about it without all of us fighting, creating history, making dreams become reality there wouldn't be any IWT. It's not just the high risers who make this company worth watching. It's all of us. The Legends, The Champions, The General Mangers, The Risk Takers, The "Not So Divas" More so female fighters, The Jobbers, Those whom stand up for what they believe in and fight for whats true. The Factions, The Tag Teams, EVERYONE is truly the reason why we are here. "

    "And I know most, if not some may feel that me saying this means nothing to them, or rather is meaningless for it's just another speech by Aiden Ryan. But remember that by next year... There will be even more greater moments and i can not fathom how much destruction you will all cause along the way. We are all winners here tonight and i wish you, and our new intern GM the best of luck come 2015."

    He Drops the microphone and slides under the bottom rope out of the ring, he then flicks the apron over and retrieves a steal chair from outside of the ring. Placing the apron back down politely he walks over to the barricade and climbs over, He sets his chair up and sits down with the audience with ticket in hand.

    Pointing towards the ticket he nods in anticipation about whats to come.

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