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    *The scene opens up backstage and we see Joey Bryant walking down the hallway wearing a red and white suit and the same shades as the other night. He's about to turn and walk into his locker room when he notices Sage coming around the corner down the hallway. He smiles and begins to walk towards her with his hand out. He gets a couple feet away from her.*

    Joey: So you're the new girl on the block that I've been hearin about. *He chuckles* Nice to meet you, Joey Bryant.

    *She shakes his hand and smiles at him.*

    Sage: Oh come on now, I already knew who you were. Everyone knows who you are, I'm Sage, good to know you've been hearing about me, not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

    *They stop shaking hands and Joey chuckles again.*

    Joey: Definitely a good thing, trust me. And it throws me off guard a bit that even you knew who I was, I had this fear in the back in my head that among all the new talent here in IWT, I'd somehow be a forgotten face. People like you make me glad to be back.

    Sage: You definitely have not been forgotten, Mr. Bryant. How bout we give a little reminder to the people anyway? Why don't you come do a quick little interview with me? There's some questions that I know a lot of people would love answers to.

    Joey: Ay I'm down for sure. Got nothin better to do at the moment. Let's go.

    Sage: Perfect! Follow me, then.

    *Sage turns around and begins to walk down the hallway and Joey follows slowly behind her. They turn the corner and at the end of the hallway is the IWT Interview area. They approach it and there is already a mic sitting on one of the chairs and Sage picks it up and goes over to talk to a couple of the crew members. Joey stands in front of the camera and fixes his hair a bit as she instructs the boys to set up.*

    Joey: Damn you got a whole crew ready to go whenever and everything, huh?

    Sage: Of course! Never know when I might run into someone like you, I could just tell you were hungry for an interview.

    *Joey laughs and Sage smiles at him and walks into camera view next to Joey and fixes herself up a bit before asking the guys if they're ready to go. They say yes and Sage looks at Joey.*

    Sage: Ready?

    Joey: Always.

    *Sage points at the camera man and he begins to count down to 5 and he reaches 1 and points at her.*

    Sage: Hello IWT, Sage here, and as I was walking to get a bite to eat I happened to run into IWT Hall of Famer...excuse me, former IWT Hall of Famer, Joey Bryant, and thought you'd all like to know a little more about why he's back with us in IWT. Well since I already messed up a bit on this, why don't you tell us why you decided to relinquish your hall of fame ring?

    Joey: Well first off, sorry to interrupt you on your way to get some food, my mistake there.

    Sage: Oh not a problem at all, my job is far more important than my desire to eat.

    *The both chuckle a bit and Joey removes his glasses and puts them in his pocket.*

    Joey: Well it's simple. You know, just look at the names on the hall of fame list as it is, you got legends like Victoria Parker, Senhor Perfect, Britannica, and while he's still competing, he is a 5x IWT Champion, Aids Johnson. I know what i've done in this company is pretty great, i've had 5 star matches with multiple people and I've held that IWT championship 3 times, but I told myself if I was ever going to wrestle here again, I would continue to build on my legacy. When I originally accepted that Hall of Fame position, I thought my IWT career was over. But over time I realized I don't deserve to sit among names like that, at least not yet, I still got a lot of work left to do. I'm in the best shape of my life and i'll be damned if I stop doing what I love just because I have a hall of fame ring. By the end of my career I will be more than a 3x IWT Champion, I will officially prove myself to be the greatest IWT superstar of all time. And that's the goal.

    Sage: Definitely understandable and I can't tell you how happy everyone is to have you back as a wrestler here in IWT. Everyone knows you know how to win the IWT Championship and you were one of the most dominant IWT champions of all time, so people were shocked and baffled when you returned and decided tag team gold is your new mission. Any particular reason why you decided this and chose the IWT GM Michael as your partner?

    Joey: Yes, there definitely is a reason behind my madness. *He chuckles* You said it perfectly though, without boosting my own ego, I am one of the most dominant IWT champs of all time, so in my mind, that goal has already been accomplished. I don't feel the need to sit at the top of this company anymore. I'm just here to do what I love and cross new items off the bucketlist. I've always wanted to try out tag team competition. I had a brief partnership with my good friend Frie in the beginning of 2014 but that didn't last because, well, Dat Kid took me under his wing. Dat Kid and I were allies, but never really did any tag team matches together because, well, he turned his back on me. So when I decided i'd come back to IWT full time, Michael let me know there'd be a tag team tournament going on to crown the brand new IWT tag team champions. Right away that sparked this idea in my brain. Why not give this tag team thing a shot for real? Maybe become one of the most dominant tag team champions of all time, sounded like a great idea. And choosing Michael, well, that decision took some thought, but...

    *He pauses for a moment and rubs his chin with his hand.*

    Joey: Well, put simply, Michael is underrated. I've sat on the sidelines for the last 2 years and when I left, Michael really wasn't anything special. At all. Nobody expected much from him. He knows this, so it's not like I'm dissing my own tag partner right now or anything.

    Sage: Of course not!

    *The both laugh and Joey continues*

    Joey: Over the last 2 years though, the man has done a complete 180. He practically saved this company when I thought no one could, and for that alone he has my respect forever. He has done a great job at running the place in my opinion, and no one was really giving him the respect that I had for him which I felt was unfair. Because not only has he taken this company to new heights, he managed to become a terrific wrestler on this roster. When I beat Aids Johnson and won my first IWT championship, it really solidified my career and everyone knew i was something special. Knew I had a good future. My man did the same thing, he beat Aids for the IWT title, and yet still, no one gave him the respect he deserved. That was a crime to me, and still is. I know he hasn't always been the nicest guy to the fans or to the roster, but him and I have always gotten along, and I figured that since I saw such improvement from him, i'd make everyone show the dude the respect he deserves. He's got the Joey Bryant stamp of approval and I think that finally opened a lot of peoples eyes and made them realize Michael is a terrific GM and if not that, then a good wrestler. We worked out together, traveled together, and talked daily for a while before it finally clicked with me that he is the guy that is going to help lift me to that goal of being a great tag team wrestler and champion. Joey Bryant alone can beat the best of them, Michael alone can beat the best of them, and together, well, i don't think there's anything that can slow us down.

    Sage: Perfect. Everyone is looking forward to seeing what the two of you can do together, and that starts this weekend with the start of the IWT tag team tournament when you two face off against the team of Ellis Klein and Gav the Chav. Any words for your upcoming opponents?

    Joey: I know Gav the Chav well. He stole the IWT championship from me once upon a time, then I took it right back. He's been around in this company for a while now but time and time again has failed to impress me. I respect the man, but I am not worried when it comes to beating him this weekend. His partner, Ellis Klein is a new name to me, but someone who I am familiar with. He's fast, he's agile, but I don't think he quite knows what he's going up against. I do hope he gives us his all. Michael said it best earlier, we have what it takes, we have what is needed, and Virtue always prevails.

    Sage: That's another thing, Virtue seems to be the name you two are going by. Any explanation to that?

    Joey: Some rise by sin, but most fall by virtue. There seems to be a lot of egos in IWT today, and a lot of disrespectful people who refuse to acknowledge that righteousness, or virtue, can still exist in such a competitive business. We are going to be that light in the dark now. Virtue is the truest nobility and Michael and I will be reigning as the kings of the tag division, so it's only fitting that we do it the right way.

    Sage: Thank you for your time, Joey, I'm sure those answers will satisfy most of the IWT locker room and the fans for now. Anything else you'd like to say?

    Joey: Michael and I are going to make the tag division something special, and something everyone will want to be a part of, that I promise you. Tune in this weekend and watch Virtue prevail for the very first time.

    Sage: You heard the man. The IWT tag team tournament starts this weekend and we will be one step closer to see who our brand new IWT tag team champions will be. Don't miss it.

    *Joey winks into the camera and they both smile as the camera begins to turn off. The cameraman says "Annnnnd we're done!" and Sage and Joey shake hands and smile at each other.*

    Sage: It was a pleasure, Joey, I wish you good luck this weekend. I'm sure you don't need it though.

    Joey: The pleasure is all mine, Sage, thanks for choosing to interview me instead of satisfying your hunger.

    *They both laugh and stop shaking hands.*

    Sage: Not a problem, like I said, it's my job. See you around, Joey.

    Joey: Definitely. I had some fun doing this, good to be back. Take it easy, we'll catch you soon.

    Sage: Sounds good with me! Good luck.

    *They both exchange smiles again and Sage walks past Joey and around the corner away from camera view. Joey takes his sunglasses out of his pocket and puts them back on and fixes up his suit and smirks before walking the opposite direction down the hall as the scene fades to black.*
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  2. Definitely right about Roadie doing a "complete 360"
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  3. lmao was gonna talk shit. It's a 180 homie. He turned the corner, not walked out of a chair then sat back down in the same position.

    Great promo. Love that we all use sage now @Lady Deathbane ly. Was tempted to come out and talk shit but not gonna steal your sunshine. This tag tourney looks great now. Stay away from our belt.
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  4. ah shit lmao I edited it now. Fair enough. Complete 180 is what i had in mind to be fair.
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  5. Had me harder than Demonhunter's fan fic :kiss:
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