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  1. Filmed after Reagan's match with Cousin Eddy:
    Reagan is seen battered and torn after his match with Eddy but while Cousin Eddy walks back through the curtains. Reagan asks for a microphone and they give it to him

    Reagan: Okay, now we got that little match taken care of. I want Michael out here. Because I wanted Jamie Ricket not some random person you got from developmental. There is a reason why I wanted Jamie Ricket and that's because we used to fight in the underground and he was always the one that was beat everyone in his path and he gave me my first loss in the underground but I beat him two weeks later but he still gave me a first loss and that gives me a scratch on the mental because I only had 5 losses in that game in the 2 years I lived there. So because of that I wanted to give him his first loss in IWT.

    But oh no, Michael obviously sees that as too much money, like I know Jamie Ricket is now a MMA fighter but I wanted my final match to atleast mean something. Listen this girl could be the best wrestler, I have ever seen. But I have prepared for anyone on the main roster and I have definitely prepared for Jamie Rickert and you knew that Michael! So you wanted to screw me over one more time, is that it Michael? You wanted to throw one twist or swerve at me? By bringing me someone I have never even heard of? Fine, because I will watch every match of hers again and again. I will strategise her moveset, her movements inside the ring and whatever else I need to defe-

    Instead of getting the music of IWT General Manager, the lights of the arena begin to flicker. Confusing Cole, along with the rest of the fans. He looks towards the entrance way where smoke is building and the lights flicker red. There is an eerie feeling as Reagan Cole looks towards the nearest ring attendant and asks him if there was a malfunction with the pyrotechnics or something.

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    *His attention is brought back towards back to the stage when a lone candle appears on the screen. Reminding him of the video his opponent for Summerslam sent earlier this week, he pieces the puzzle together and readies himself in the ring for her to come out. But, instead of her coming through the stage, the candle on the screen is blown out and the lights are shut off for a moment.*

    *When the lights return on, Ivy Hale final reveals herself as she has entered the ring behind her opponent. Before he has a chance to turn around, she goes low, delivering a chop block to the back of knee, forcing it to buckle. She mounts herself on top of Cole and strikes a series of elbows towards his head, pounding away. The IWT fans begin to boo as Ivy continues to batter the British Apprentice. She stops for a second to smirk at the fans before delivering a sickening headbutt to Cole.*

    *She gets off him and walks around the ring, arms spread wide to soak in the reception she is receiving. This doesn’t signal the end of the beating as she rolls out of the ring and heads near the steps. Lifting the apron-skirt up, she reaches under and grabs a wrench before re-entering the ring. Eyeing Reagan Cole up with malicious intent, she waits for him to get to his feet, only to swing the wrench, striking him in the leg! There are screams of agony as Reagan Cole holds his leg and Ivy Hale continues to relentlessly pound his leg and ankle over and over until she feels the damage is enough.*

    *Ivy smirks as she swings the wrench in her hand and prances around the fallen Cole. Her brutal attack doesn’t sit well with the fans as they continue to boo the debuting Hale. Walking toward a corner, she leans on it and watches Reagan Cole struggle to get to his feet. This seems to amuse her as she chuckles in wait. Reagan slowly powers his way up, trying to keep weight off his ankle. Despite being experienced, he was completely caught off guard by Hale and has been overwhelmed. He barely returns to a vertical base, keeping his head down to check on his ankle, leaving him open to attack. Ivy Hale mockingly blows a kiss towards Cole before running at him, striking him in the head with a stunningly devastating spinning roundhouse kick!*

    *Thankfully, she is done with her violent assault and she grabs the microphone that has fallen on the ground and chuckles as she speaks into it with her soft voice.*

    “Oh, poor Reagan…hehehe. You seem to have been mistaken. This wasn't some last ditch effort by Michael to "screw you over." It may seem like that, but there is more than you think. I was not chosen as your last opponent. I was the one who chose to be my first victim. “Why?” You may ask… don’t you worry now. The answers will be revealed in due time. All that is certain is that your dream send-off from IWT... has turned into your worst nightmare, courtesy of Ivy Hale. See you at Summerslam...”

    *She drops the microphone and rolls out of the ring. Concerned if he may be injured, multiple medical personal head towards the ring to check on Reagan Cole. When she is at the top of the stage, she looks back and winks towards the ring where Reagan Cole is looking up the ramp, holding his ankle, and trying to get the cobwebs out of his head as the segment ends.*

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    The plot thickens
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