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Who won

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  1. AIDS

  2. Antonio

  1. This match is blah blah blah and that other stuff you read before the other match.

    Aids vs Alias in a 2 promo 24 hour match, 24 hours of voting after, you should know by know how this works.

    Antonio is first, as Aids has the champions advantage.

    ETA: Whoops, i forgot Senhor Perfect was opted into the match via Jonathan, so i guess senhor is in this match also, 2v1 the champ vs an old man and a heroin addict who is no longer "sick"
  2. Jono wants you to vs me, but since Crayo is a no show why dont you face Jono.
  3. K here goes:

    Once upon a time I was falling in love
    Now I'm only falling apart
    Nothing I can do
    A total eclipse of the heart.

    What is love?
    Baby don't hurt me
    Don't hurt me
    No more

    Rush rush
    Hurry hurry lover come to me
    Rush rush
    Ooh what you do to me
  4. Still better than that "woah is me my family found out im a loser" WM promo :pity1:
  5. True dat dawg!

    Mics bro?
  6. Nah my laptop isnt up and running yet. Last time all you did was breathe heavy and use one word answers to reply.
  7. You told me to act like I was from Wisconsin. I did my best.
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  8. You're Canadian dude, you might as well be from Wisconsin.
  9. We weigh way less, are much more intelligent, and have way shittier sports teams.
  10. Eddy335 you challenged ME bro. Show up, or bitch out.
  11. This is an inferno match btw.
    When You're Evil by Voltaire hits the arena with a mixed reaction. Alias also comes out to a neutral reaction. He does his usual creeping walk to the ring making eye contact with no one. He is sporting his conventional attire (ripped jeans and boots), and he appears the same angry and irate man as always. Nothing of what Aids has spewed over the past weeks at Alias has seemed to affect him, he just conveys the impression that he is more focused than ever, and really wants to win this match. He reaches the apron and wipes his boots on it, and subsequently enters the ring. He already has a mic in hand ready to begin this battle that he has so sorely wanted over the past months*​
    I don't like talking. I never have. I've always been secluded out of society. I always have been. ​
    I've always been a man of few words, but deep inside I always hid this deep and ardent hatred for this world, it's people, and it's pitiful ways. I couldn't handle it anymore, I couldn't care anymore. Yeah, that's the problem, I couldn't give two shits anymore? I mean, why would I? All this world was, was a narrow-minded, selfish shitfest filled with disgusting people, such as my opponent for tonight, Aids Johnson. Only guy I merely took an interesting in was Jwab Atom - the drug trafficker. We developed a friendship shall we say through our drug addictions, and in one of our drug nights, we were high as can be. We made a silly proposition to eachother - become wrestlers. Who would have thought a tripped-out joke would become the most imporpant and valuable thing in my life? And who would've thought that myself, a recluse of this world, would be having a match in the biggest company in the world vs. their main champion, Aids Johnson. Words can't express how far I have developed as a wrestler, and most importantly as a person. Don't get me wrong, I still hate this world, but I'm getting happier day by day with myself. I have stopped taking drugs, and I have removed all my bad influences. ​
    Next stop, become IWT champion. And what better than defeating the man himself!​
    *Alias sets his sights on the ramp*​
    Think of this as a proving grounds match Aids. Then think how I'm gonna stick your disgusting soul into this fire that will surround this ring. Then think of how I'm gonna take that precious title off ya and burn it along with ya in this beautiful fire. Oh am I in my comfort zone! Aids, you will expect hell. Aids, you WILL receive hell.​
    You are the cancer.......​
    I am.......ALIAS!​
    *Alias drops the mic and paces violently from one side to another in the ring pulling his hair out, awaiting Aids to come out*​
  12. Bitch.
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  13. The lights begin to flicker, as blue and purple spotlights move around the arena, as the crowd cheers loudly for Aids Johnson and Melky Seaman. a Giant blast of pyro goes off and smoke fills the screen before the music hits.

    The crowd pops loudly as the theme hits, and Cheers even louder as Aids Johnson walks out to the arena, his IWT belt slung over the shoulder. Aids stops at the top of the ramp, and holds up the title in one hand while also throwing up the middle finger salute to Alias. Another blast of pyro hits, and Aids immediately runs down and slides into the ring. He holds up his title once more in the face of Alias, who looks disillusioned and 100% focused on the face of Aids, looking like he is destroying him in his mind while he waits for the match to finally begin. Aids circles Alias, before shoving him from the back. The crowd boos and Alias jumps and resets himself back to facing Aids. Aids slings his belt back over the shoulder before finally beginning on the microphone.

    All the hate in the world couldn't damage you, Alias, you're Cured! *Crowd boos* and this might not be the last of you and i, but this is a great time to remind the crowd why I moved on and all the rest of you seem to hold it against me. You see i'm a winner, in fact, all i do is win since the moment of my return to IWT. I joined the cure soley for my partnership with George, and when he bailed to sucessfully let himself down in his "big match" with senhor, i was winning the IWT title and securing the dominance of the Cure on the company. George left, and you idiots couldnt even be bothered to show up to your matches. And yet, it's Aids fault and Aids' is to blame for the demise of a group that did exactly what we claimed we would, we took over IWT and had control of everything but a belt no one cares about.

    And you all couldn't be bothered to defend your belts against a group of cowards who think a new angle and idea every week is how you stay "relevant." Well i am the judge jury and executioner as far as relevance is concerned. This is Aids time, and you gave up me as a hero to demand i become an enemy.

    I dont even need to bother with what is happening now for you, as i am far too busy being the only successful member left in iwt *crowd boos and chants We want which Aids immediately turns pissed off facing the crowd, before stopping and going up to the corner to hold his IWT title up, as the crowd continues to boo* You want Parker! You haven't even seen that bitch since I took her out of action, and while i pour my blood, sweat, and tears into this company you want to go back to when things were failing? I single handed have picked up this company and have helped it to linger while counless cowards go to FSW and ACW, and the only real matchup you have to look forward to is me vs your female hero. The least active champion in history, Dat Kid's ex and the only reason either of them have ever held what we all know is really....mine.

    You see Alias, i dont have time to even give 100% you to, i've got 3 title defenses already planned, and it seems like everyone wants a shot at the great one. The only problem, is that i have no problem pulling you up to my level, but you'll be getting your ass knocked back down before this day ends.

    *Aids continues to speak but is immediately cut off*
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    *Alias glares at Aids as he grabs the mic off him abruptly. He licks his lips and gets in Aids' face with mic in hand*​
    A strong hatred is the best lamp to bear in our hands as we go over the dark places of life, cutting away the dead things people tell us to revere.​
    *Alias smiles maniacally as the crowd is in the midst of confusion. Alias changes his expression radically and sets his sights on Aids*​
    Oh I see you haven't changed since I saw you last. Cocksucker.​
    *Alias pauses as the crowd laugh*​
    You think big of yourself, huh? Why wouldn't you? Two time IWT champion, rich.....drunk. But a big massive fucking cocksucker....​
    I got to admit, you gained The Cure more exposure, more success, but we didn't want cocksuckers like you in the group, we were meant to be outsiders, not big cocksuckers. You were no hero, just one big shitty cocksucker, I hate you Aids, I fucking loathe you. I honestly can't wait for these flames to turn on and just murder you here. No one liked you in The Cure, they never did. Everyone thought of you as that cocky son of a bitch, just ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.​
    *Alias shouts at Aids' face*​
    We didn't show up to that pointless rematch for the tag belts because we felt we weren't being treated properly. I felt I was being treated unfairly. I deserved much more respect. I felt I should have been the one main eventing NoC with Victoria Parker, while you are stuck in the undercard. I felt I should have been that guy to DEFEAT Victoria Parker while you would be feuding with the same inferior guys all the time aka The Crusade. I FEEL I SHOULD BE THE WORLD CHAMPION RIGHT NOW AIDS!​
    *Alias paces angrily around the ring but regains his composure shortly and observes Melky on the outside with his infamous evil look*​
    Who's this cocksucker now? *crowd laugh*. Whoever the fuck you are, once I'm done burning your "bro" Aids Johnson over here, I'll gladly smudge your disgusting face against this appealing fire.​
    *Alias sets his attention back to Aids*​
    Aids, I don't believe in fate or destiny. I believe in various degrees of hatred, but this is the rare case where I believe fate and destiny is evident. I'm an evil person, but I'll be generous enough to shout out your fate and destiny right now....​
    *Alias shouts at Aids' face before dropping the mic and looking at Aids psychotically, awaiting what Aids has to say*​
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  15. *Aids stares back at Alias, grinning ear to ear. As alias turns around to look back for melky, Aids slides out of the ring, and walks around as the crowd boos. He walks next to melky, as they both toss their belts on the ramp, looking up at a furious Alias, who is daring them to come and fight. Aids whispers into Melkys ear, and they high five before Alias takes Aids belt and his own, and walks backstage, as the crowd boos loudly. Aids walks slowly up the stairs back into the ring, holding back behind the ropes, forcing the ref to create space between the two.

    You think, you think! You, think? You couldn't even give the company enough competence to move you into singles competition, after you and 2 other idiots refused to show up against the weakest two in IWT. You say you deserve to be at the top of the card, but you put in a draw against adam, and a draw against Colton. How exactly does that put you in my level? *Crowd laughs*

    People love to talk about what they deserve, but how many really can say they earned it? I have earned everything i have in this company, i do this for not only you, but all for the glory of Aids! *Crowd boos* Don't you people realize it? This company is dying, and im just not getting paid enough to save each and every single one of these mediocre mother fuckers, who sleep with Jonathans mother for respect. Jonathan Carter, the man who runs a second rate company with "former great champions from FNW." Christian, Sam Cornell, and of course the Great Aids Johnson, the head of a company who offered bigger salary to a group of arrogant heroes, and you people buy the shades to wear over your eyes gladly. Why do you think Sackfist was run out of this company when he was finally moving up the card? Politics.

    Alias you deserve nothing, and this is the last favor i do for you and the rest of your cure. You want to be a champion? Demand a shot at Senhor, he loves facing opponents with a history of not showing up. *Aids drops the mic and alias goes for a punch, but Aids ducks and slides out of the ring, laughing as his theme hits and he walks back up the ramp, the crowd booing loudly.
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  16. Seabs poll time baby.
  17. Nice stuff.