Any boxing fans here?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, May 19, 2012.

  1. I tend to be such a nerd for most sports (not American sports though) and boxing is another. If you are, did any of you see Price's fight today? He'll be the one to take the title off Vitali.
  2. I love the sport, but don't follow it like I should. I don't really have any tolerance for HWs at this point, the division is a joke. The Klitschko 's are class, but outside of that.. meh.

    Honestly I prefer watching old fights on Youtube from the 60s/70s/80s/90s to watching fighters from today.
  3. I'm surprised you're a fan of the Klitscko's; they're the most boring fighters to watch. So robotic.

    Price is magnificent though. But I agree, the HW division does suck. Haye and Chisora having a match though will be pretty good, considering Haye went to his press conferance (unlicensed and retired remember), talked shit to Chisora then beat him up when Chisora confronted Haye.
  4. I'm no fan of the Klitscko's, I agree they are boring, they are just really good. I don't watch any HWs at all.. I think the last fight I watched in that class was Haye vs Wladamir, I couldn't even tell you how long ago that was, but it seems like a long while. And what a shit fight that was. Haye made an ass of himself

    I'm a big fan of Floyd, Andre Ward, B-Hop (always liked him, but even more so seeing him continue to find success so late into his 40s), JMM, and a few other guys.

    None of these guys today outside of Floyd could live up to guys from the past though. I love watching old fights from Ali, Foreman, Frazier, Duran, Haggler, Leonard, Hearns, ect.
  5. Yeah the past of boxing is better than the present. Though there is still some special talent around. Manny, Floyd, Khan, the recent Ricky Hatton, Andre Ward, Price.
  6. I wouldn't call any of those guys a special talent besides Floyd. The rest of those guys are very good, Manny is great, but Floyd has a chance to retire as a top 10 p4p guy. What Floyd does in the ring is nothing short of art. It's beautiful to watch.

    Ward is my boy though, love that guy.
  7. Ward is elegant as fuck in the ring though.
  8. Boxing is CRAP these days. And decades.
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  9. The majority of boxing is crap, but you can still find decent fights, it's just tedious sometimes.

    Decades? The 90s were a good time for boxing, and the early part of the 2000s weren't bad either. At this point there is an extreme lack of depth when it comes to good fighters, and an even more severe lack of great fighters. But it hasn't been this bad for all that long. 5 years, 10 at the most. I'd say closer to 5
  10. No Don King = no marketing and great fighters. The Russians took over, and it fell apart. I miss Vegas superfights.
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  11. Mayweather has put on Vegas superfights with Dela Hoya, JMM, Coto, Hatton.. all in the last 5 years. And they have all done monster PPV buys.
  12. Yeah, you're right, but idk... There's just something missing. All the "right" belts belong to those boring eastern retards.
  13. Sounds to me like you are just a fan of the big guys.. I don't think anyone would argue that the HW division doesn't blow. It does.
  14. Atm it's okay, but only because of Pricey and Haye vs Chisora lol
  15. I like it, but not watching shows or something. If it's on Eurosport, I'll watch it.
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