Any good program for editing videos?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roi, Mar 22, 2013.

  1. Apart from Windows movie Maker 2.6


    And free :otunga:
    @Delbusto2 ?
  2. Free? :urm:
    I'd say Sony Vegas, but it ain't free. You get a free trial though.
  3. Over 700 bucks :GTFO: :emoji_grin:AWG:
  4. Have you heard about somethig called Piratebay
  5. Yes I have...and alot.
    Gonna find it there? :phew:
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  6. Yes you will :yes:
  7. As much as I hate Macs, iMovie is brillaint, easy to use and free (but obviously Mac is needed.)

    As mentioned before, for Windows Sony Vegas.
  8. Not a program, but Stupeflix? I use it when I'm really lazy to use Vegas/do picture compilations on the fly.


    iMovie is not free. Sorry bub.
  9. iMovie 11 comes bundled with all Macs after 20th October 2010. Also comes as part of iLife 11 which can be bought on the App Store.

  10. Can be bought on the app store = free? Seems a bit of an oxymoron
  11. You can 'buy' apps on the app store that are 'free':dawg:

    If you bought a Mac before Oct. 2010 you wouldn't get it free with the Mac, so you have the option to buy it.
  12. So its not buying then poor choice of words Apple :annoyed:
  13. I don't know any free ones, all I use is Vegas which was bought.
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