Any migraine sufferers?

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  1. Think I posted this before but I can't find it. Anyway, any migraine sufferers here? Had one last night and they're honestly the most frustrating things to have. It can get to the stage where the thumping pain is just unstoppable and you have to live with it until it calms down. I couldn't even leave my bed to go downstairs to get tablets, as every time I got out my bed I fell due to how dizzy I was. Luckily I could get Mum to get me tablets and bring up this frozen meal to put on my head lmao.

    Anyway, if you do suffer with them, what's your routine to cope?
  2. When I get migraines, I literally just have to lay down and try to relax. Headache medicine doesn't seem to help so I have to use other means to get over it. When I have a migraine, I'm super sensitive to light and sound so I try to avoid it at all costs. Minimal movement is important too since I'm quite sensitive to that as well and can get nauseous and dizzy. Some things that have helped are getting lots of rest, having a cool cloth on my forehead, and being in a really dark room. It's just something I have let run its course.
  3. I usually get migraines during hot days; considering the temperature in Wales today, I'm gonna have to make sure I'm prepared. I also get migraines under stress and after over exposure to computer/TV screens.

    Usually drinking lots of fluids prevents myself getting a migraine. But if I do get a migraine, I always have paracetamol tablets next to bed along with a bottle of water.

    During a migraine, I find it helps to stay away from sound and light as much as possible when having a migraine. Sometimes applying an ice pack to my head helps.
  4. I get them a lot and dont have any solutions to them so I just kinda suffer :emoji_confused:
  5. I suffer when Crayo gets Migraines, it means we can't play clubs :sad:
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  6. Almost daily. Lots of water, Ibuprofen and keeping my eyes open. Most people think closing their eyes helps but for me it makes it worse when you eventually open them again.
  7. Are you talking about headaches? Migraines and headaches are different things, and I sincerely doubt you get migraines daily. If you did, you'd be having your head scanned at hospital or something.

  8. If you really get headaches daily then you need to get that checked out. That's not normal and there could be something seriously wrong.
  9. Almost daily, 2-3 times a week.

    Thumping around my head, dizziness.
  10. How long do you guys sleep?
  11. Mine is triggered by too much sound. :emoji_confused: I let it run into its course like Carmen does, except that I listen to ANY relaxing silences to make it subside faster. Paracetamol has no effect for me, sadly. :emoji_slight_frown:
  12. 5-10 hours, depends really.
  13. I have never suffered migraines and if I someday suffer one I guess I'll try to rest.
  14. you probably have a brain tumor

    RIP Crayo
  15. Have been dealing with this as well but not having the same symptoms so may not be the same thing. Idk, murrican doctors won't tell you shit
    Ibuprofen helps for a while but it just comes back.
  16. I don't thank god. But my gf does and they just bring her to a standstill. She has to turn off lights, noise avoid heat its grim. Plus she gets them so bad she hallucinates at times. For her they are usually once every four months but when they happen they suck big time and take a day away from her minimum.
  17. I dont get migranes, but have a lot of friends who do. I'd suggest you cry.

    Seriously cant help, shit sucks i hear dude, bummer.
  18. I have horrible migraines pretty regularly. What I do is take 3 Advil liquid gels, turn off all lights, close the blinds, and lay in bed until it goes away. I've also found that eating before taking the pills helps it work quicker.
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