Royal Rumble Any RR Match Predictions?

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  1. so far the rr ppv is only about a 2 hour program at this point
    you have:
    the 30 man rr
    cena vs orton
    and lesnar vs show
    any other predictions on another match? im thinking bray vs bryan and probably aj lee vs someone
  2. There's a specific section for RR posts :emoji_slight_smile:
    But to answer your question if they can get Tamina to turn on AJ Lee on either next SD or next RAW then yes AJ would indeed have a match at RR with her other than that I don't know. IC Champion is in the RR, TT Champs are in the RR, Dean is the only one left with a belt who has yet to announce his participation in the RR.
  3. sorry my man im new ha, i dont see any one really being thrown at dean for the belt. theres rumor there to break up at the rumble..
  4. S'all good, Welcome! I'm relatively new myself..
    True, I can't see them throwing anyone at Dean either.
  5. hes held the belt for like 250 days and hasn't defended it once i think.
  6. If you include non-TV preformances he's defended it supposedly around 45-50 times.
  7. Lesner will win.
    Randy will win.
    And I think Reigns is going to win the RR for some reason.
  8. Ending 3 Televised Matches against CM Punk (w/ or w/o Team) with a Spear for the victory is one reason to think he will win the RR.. Quite the build up he's getting at the moment!
  9. I am not a huge Reigns fan but I know Vince wants to push him. I honestly prefer Rollins more but if Vince plays these cards right, Reigns' push could be a good one.
  10. Reigns is from a dynasty family of wrestlers, I think he's definitely going to have a future when it comes to the company.. I too would like to see Rollins get pushed first but hey he'll be there soon enough.
  11. I honestly think Vince just likes bigger dudes. Look how long it took Punk to get his push. And even Daniel Bryan. I mean I can see wanting larger than life superstars but I honestly prefer average sized wrestlers. They tend to put on way better matches.
  12. I like Average Sized wrestlers as well!

    If it's a big guy who can move well than I'm down but if it's a big guy who's awfully immobile like Khali or the Big Show I can't stand it.. That's why I push for Rusev, dude is big, monstrous, agile and fierce.. he's got all the tools to be successful :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. Like Brock, Henry, Kane, Taker = good examples of ones who can. I can't think of many big wrestlers who really put on great matches. I can think of tons of smaller guys though.
  14. Titus O'Neil is another example of a big guy who is actually mobile, that dude is awesome!
  15. Ye
    ah he is good as well. Big E is a great bulky wrestler too but I believe he is on the shorter side which I think works in his favor.
  16. Indeed Big E. is short, I believe he's under 6 ft tall, definitely not a wrestler I would put on the "LARGE Athlete" scale. He is a whopping 290 of powerhouse though I would never want to square off against him :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  17. Imagine walking down the street and accidentally bumping into him and he is all "OH HELL NO!" - I'd probably run. lmao
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  18. I'd probably crap myself lol
    From what my friend told me (he's met almost every superstar on the current roster at some point) Big E. is a pretty calm and cool guy.
  19. Yeah people have said the same of Mark Henry and Kane.
  20. Batista, Goldberg, Nash, DDP, Luger, Big Show as the Giant, Sysco Sid