Anybody watching Impact?

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  1. This shit has sucked tons of dick
  2. Thought u were a TNA mark???????????????? LMAO!
  3. Even if I were there would be no way I could twist this show into anything positive.
  4. Just turned on and saw Storm vs Daniels and Kaz in some form and now Hogan is here. Oh brother.
  5. I'm watching it over Youtube later. Figured I'll desperately need the fast-forward button for this one.

    Didn't read the spoilers, but somehow I expected them to sell a Sting injury, and have Bischoff reveal something in his EP contract that he can bring in the next GM. He brings in Jeff Jarrett (kill me now) who re-introduces Mexican America (never mind, i'll do it) for a 30-minute opening promo between the three that accomplishes nothing at all except everyone stroking their own egos.
  6. About the ending.
    Show Spoiler

    Why the fuck would you let Hogan run your company after he kayfabe sued you out of it? FUKING MORONS SERIOUSLY WERE IS THE LOGIC IN THAT? DUMBFUCKS!
  7. Allow me to recap this shit fest:

    -Sting/Dixie 20 minute promo to open. Sting says he can't be the GM & Wrestle. So he is leaving to recover from his concussion, will come back 'better than ever' and he wants to give the GM duties to.. well obviously you know who brother
    -4 way X Division match is a 4 minute spot fest before Bully Ray interrupts, beating up Kash and the others besides Aries, and cuts a pretty boring promo by his standards
    -TNA promotes some terrible show about repo/trivia with a promo about Mexican America getting their car towed off
    -Rosita/Sorita vs ODB/EY. It was as bad as it sounds
    -Wrestlemania commercial airs rofl
    -Morgan beats up Crimson backstage
    -Joseph Parks talks to Hardy
    -An AWESOME promo talking about Roode/Storm's careers in TNA. Highlight of the night by FAR
    -Storm cuts a good promo. Roode's 'lawyer' comes out and says Roode won't be around until Lockdown. Storm kicks him in the face
    -Angle hilarity in a backstage promo- very enjoyable. He winds up challenging Garrett to a 3 minute challenge and says he hates his guts
    -Angle/Garrett match is just disgusting. Garrett gets the better of him, gets a near fall, then runs away for a while until Gunner comes down and they beat him up. Ugh
    -Tag team titles match between the mexicans and Joe/Magnus. Not terrible by tonight's incredibly low standards, Joe wins.
    -Storm/Kazarian- who gives a fuck. I guess it was a handicap match? wasn't really paying attention, Storm went over
    -Sting/Dixie shit fest part 2. They talk, out comes Hogan. What's his answer?? is he the new gm?!?! They leave us on the most anticlimactic who gives a flying fuck cliffhanger of all time

    2/10 show. It was Raw level bad, with the only saving graces being the video package of Storm/Roode, and the backstage promo by Angle. Storm's promo was ruined by the boring ass lawyer guy

    edit: Seabs don't you know?? Hogan's a good guy now! The REAL Hulk Hogan! Sting sent the bad guy packing with that exorcism he performed
  8. Love the underlined part!

    1. I'm getting fucking sick of General Managers. Just let Dixie be the figurehead of the company. The whole GM role is completely played out and TNA has proven to be incompetent at writing them to actually benefit someone (see Jarrett, Karen).

    2. It's amazing how Sarita has more talent than ODB, Anarquia, Rosita, and Hernandez combined. Get this girl away from this pile of horse manure. Good grief.

    3. Get Eric Young the fuck off my TV. Ship him off to India where you put Jeff Jarrett's no-talent ass, and get this bullshit wedding ceremony far away from any of our eyes.

    4. I'll watch that promo, but good god. I don't think I can remember a weaker champion than Roode. The Miz thinks this guy is a total fucking chump.

    5. What does Bully Ray have to do with the X-Division? Are they really doing this again? Is this Abyss winning the X-Division Title 2.0? Because that worked SO well the first time...

    6. Why is Mexican America back? Did they explain that? Better yet, why are these dangerous people still employed? This dumbass from Repo Games appearing on Impact is ridiculous. If you want to plug a show and boost it's ratings, why not plug a show that isn't founded on a completely ludicrous premise? And possibly not reinforce stereotypes while doing so?

    7. They figured out Garett Bischoff last week, but wow... Wow... They royally fucked that up! Why does Gunner care so fucking much about this guy? Doesn't Gunner have anything better to do than to attack a referee? Can't he chill in the locker room and play Xbox or something?

    8. You should NEVER EVER EVER wonder if there is a handicap match or not. If it was, then they just buried a couple of talented guys needlessly.

    9. So, why would they do this with Hogan, other than a way to push Garett Bischoff more? Oh. My. God.

    10. I miss Vince Russo, The Architect of the Knockouts Lockbox Challenge.
  9. Right, I won't be watching TNA until Hogan is off tv again.
  10. don't be such a pussy
  11. I refuse. This is like TNA of 2010. Until this shit ends, and I mean Garrett, Hogan, Dixie, Sting, Eric, all that CRAP, I'll be reading spoilers and that's it, like I do with SmackDown.
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  12. Suit yourself homeboy
  13. Three weeks straight of mediocre-to-shit shows, with a very mediocre PPV in the middle.
    I'm joining Anxiety, not in a Hogan boycott, but I'm not watching until this show improves.

    It's really a shame. WWE is completely useless right now. Ring of Honor always delivers in the ring, but it's hard to get into the product. This should be TNA's time to shine and they're simply shitting it away.
  14. How will you know if the show improves if you stop watching? Spoilers don't always tell the story. And even with the bad, there is still plenty of good. One horrible episode isn't killing my boner that much, you guys are overreacting
  15. I'll read what you and other reviewers on here have to say. Victory Road left a bad taste in my mouth, last week's episode was logical but forgettable, and the episode before that was just abominable.

    This episode, after further review, really screamed that they aren't happy with the ratings. Z-list Celebs and Hulk Hogan = Ratings!

    Maybe I'm just completely disenfranchised with wrestling in general right now. It's so frustrating watching the "sport" I love turn into this. Especially with Wrestlemania and Lockdown coming up, being a wrestling fan shouldn't be this hard. Guess I'll stick to NXT and Superstars.
  16. That's very possible. It's starting to feel like more of a task to sit through a wrestling show than something I enjoy at times.
  17. Unfortunately it's different with TNA. If RAW was taped and we had the same crappy stage we've had with TNA recently (which RAW has definitely had) I'd do the same, result to spoilers and watch the segments that look like they'd entertain me. For example, I read SmackDown spoilers and basically watch Barrett promos, Bryan promos/matches, Cody promo/matches (if he wins) and skip the rest. If a show is that bad I'm not going to "put myself through it" for the sake of it if I have the power not to.

    TNA have done what many of us feared, panicked. Their ratings are diabolical at the moment so they've made the show about Hogan/Sting. Classic TNA. At least with WWE (not during RTWM but most other weeks) they don't panic, they act. WWE was doing pretty crap in the spring last year, so how did they react? Summer of Punk. Year before that, Nexus. So rookies and an already talented young superstar saved them those years, but with TNA they run to Hogan who doesn't even draw any more for god sake.

    I will still observe TNA closely because before this period, I was thoroughly enjoying the product. But did Styles even make the show tonight? Arguably the best wrestler on the planet... replaced by what looks like 40+ minutes of Sting and Hogan.
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  18. http:emoji_confused:/

    As if things couldn't get any worse (except for you, D'Z)

    Anxiety, at least they've given us a reason to believe that they can turn it around.
  19. The segment with Repo Man and Mexican America was terrible. Worst. Acting. Ever!

    Actually, the start of TNA 2010 wasn't that bad.
  20. Oh god Nash returning? FML.