Anyone actually a fan of the supershow concept?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Everyone including me so far that I have seen agree that the supershow complex is one of the most frustrating things about the current RAW. What's your opinion of it?
  2. I hate it. Put Smackdown shit on smackdown.
  3. I don't really like it, but i think it's okay atm but after the draft they should just quit this supershow unless it's something special and three hours..
  4. The concept is horrible, either make the brands separate or get rid of them.
  5. No I love the Supershow concept.
  6. Not surprised to be honest Zamo lol.

    So the majority are against it.
  7. Just because the majority are against it that shouldn't mean that I should just go ahead and lie along with the others that it's awful. No. I personally like it.
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  8. I didn't say you should. I said I'm not surprised you like it, then went on to confirm my original statement that the majority are against it. It baffles me why WWE keep it.
  9. lmao really? You think the majority are lying about not liking the supershow and secretly love it? What would anyone have to gain by saying they don't like the supershow if they in fact did like it?

    You baffle me with your reasoning
  10. What else can they do?
    Lets say it's after Wrestlemania, what match card could they book without using the Smackdown roster?

    -Truth/Kofi vs Dolph/Swagger
    -Santino vs Miz
    -Some Divas crap
    -CM Punk vs Kane
    -Ryder vs Otunga
    -Cena vs Jericho

    Unless you throw in Brodus Clay or the NXT guys, all you can do is have random combinations of these guys, and that will get really stale, really fast. The Supershow is keeping the show fresher, at least.
  11. I think you are forgetting about the draft?

    but if what you were saying were true, it just means they should end the retarded brand split like Seabs said
  12. No, I'm not forgetting about it. But will WWE really gut Smackdown to add that many more superstars to the Raw roster?

    Love the brand split, so they can spotlight more talent.
    But if they won't spotlight said talent, then why even bother? (as Seabs said)
  13. I HATE IT! We need to get that sign that said "Raw Isn't WAR"! AS THE SUPERSHOW FUCK SUCK!
  14. Agreed, it fuck sucks!
  16. I don't really care to be honest. It does make the brand split a bit pointless but at this point, as long as Raw is entertaining, then I don't care. But still, either make it a true brand split or else end it altogether.
  17. This has to become a new saying around here.

    @kevin: It ruins RAW talent though. Tag-team division gets no time to wrestle, and there was me getting excited last week because they had a nice long match.
  18. 100% agreed. A 4hour long show wouldn't work though. Split them.

    #FuckSuck is now trending on the Raw forum! /michaelcole
  19. We could keep SD as a show but just get rid of the concept of brands. Like in the early days of the two shows.
  20. You're getting a rep for that.

    If SmackDown did get the sack, I'd make RAW 3 hours weekly.