Anyone back there?

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  1. *A jeep arrives at the front of the arena entrance*
    King: Hey!

    *Duggan hops out the car wearing his wreslting gear, he heads in through the main entrance to the arena*
    JR: Well this is a neat entrance!
    *Duggan makes his way through the concession area, theres a crowd following him chanting Duggan, he goes into one of the gates to the seating sections*
    King:There he is!
    *Duggan gets through the crowd, jumps over the guard rail and gets in the ring, grabs a mic, music cuts off*
    Dexx: Whats going on mates?!
    Alright, alright, now I gotta get back on track here if i'm gonna make a name for myself, so this is short and simple,is there anyone back there who wants take me on? Anyone? That's all I gotta say, come on! *sets down mic,looks towards the ramp*
  2. OOC: You a face or a heel?
  3. face

  4. *The Alliance walks out into the ring, DKJ and Queen are keeping watch for Jacob Colton*

    Whoah whoah, Someone has some inflated ego, How about I give you the biggest chance of your pathetic career and you face me in a match?​
  5. Dexx: Pathetic? I'm still new around here mates, people haven't witnesses my full potential yet, I'll accept! But you can't have your "Alliance" at ringside, do we have a match?