Anyone catch the Browns/Ravens game last night?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by catlady, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. If you seen the game then you seen when Cribbs got hit and knocked the heck out! BUT, nothing was called against the other dude! LIKE WTH! If this was the other way around, then the Brown who hit the Raven probably would have been fined, suspended and had a penalty charge. To make matters worse, they ruled that Cribbs fumbled the ball but to me seemed like the helmet fell off before he lost the ball, Soooo that means the ball is dead and the play is over! Maybe I am just being biased but seems like the Browns always get browned on

  2. For those who didn't catch it (like me :sad:)

    Holy crap... not just the hit itself but the way he landed... Vicious stuff. But the announcer mentioned the hit wasn't against a defenseless receiver so it's fair game. Ellerbe will probably be fined, but if it was a Browns' player who did this, chances are the exact same thing would happen to him as it did Ellerbe. It's not like you're the Steelers or anything.
  3. Looks like a clean, tbh. :pity:
  4. Nothing wrong with that hit IMO.
  5. It was clean. There was nothing wrong with that hit in terms of rules, hope he gets better. That's what happens in this kind of sport though, no matter how safe you try to make it, someone will always get hurt with this rough sport.
  6. Hit was awesome, sorry.