Anyone else let down by Brita's return?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Senhor Perfect, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Or was I the only one? The forum wasn't nearly as high on her as expected, especially after she made it clear she wanted to leave forever. But maybe that speaks more for a certain other forum members overness than Brita's

    Also am I the only one dissapointed in her returning as a face? Brita IMO is much more amusing as a heel.

    Any other thoughts on the return that you have? Feel free to vent them here.

    :jeritroll: :umad:
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  2. It seems like she is going to drop the Racist Britta gimmick. Not a fan of this move. She will never get over as a face.
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  3. :dafuq:

    You are like weeks late on the recap Senhor. Musta forgot your old man pills. :pipebomb:
  4. THE HELL!? :mad2:
  5. I read stops thread title and I had to make this thread.
  6. :mad2:

    I AIN'T BRITISTA! :angry:
  7. OH HELL NO!
  8. True, he ASHLEY left for a while :umad:
  9. SON UH MA GUN! :angry:
  10. It was a solid 4/10
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