Anyone from WWE following you?

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  1. I don't know if there is already a topic about this, but I thought I'd bring it up anyway. So on Twitter you can follow people from WWE, but has anyone from WWE ever followed you? This could also be a topic for if anyone from WWE has ever retweeted, liked, or replied to one of your tweets. I fangirled so hard when it happened. :emoji_grin:
    Bray Wyatt actually followed me on Twitter and recently replied to one of my tweets. He knows I exist! Now I just need to meet him face to face. :emoji_grin:

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  2. So, you wanted to brag about that didn't you...

    Why didn't you just say so?
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  3. Wasn't trying to brag, it was just a simple question. Has anyone from WWE ever followed you, retweeted, liked, or responded to one of your tweets?
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  4. I had some wrestler following my old account, can't remember his name. It was one of CM Punk's friends. And Y2J has answered me before.
    I don't think anything of it though. The whole famous person responding to me lost its appeal many moons ago. lol
  5. Paul Heyman

  6. Nope. Got an RT from Hulk Hogan and that's it.
  7. I tweeted at Lance Storm saying that EWR says he's the best wrestler in the world and he responded with, "well if a game says it, it must be true"
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    I can slide in those DMs any time, watch out Cena!!
  9. Couple of independent talent follow me on my twitter. Biggest name is probably cliff Compton aka Domino of Deuce and Domino fame in the WWE. He's unfollowed me now tho.
    Other than that guys like Tim Donst or promotions like Shimmer follow me on the twitter machine. Had a bunch of good discussions with indy mainstays like Gran Akuma or Rob Naylor (worked in recruitment and talent development and as a creative assistant in NXT up until late 2014) on it. I'm also in the same facebook group as the current president of the NWA and have had discussions with him. He's pretty chill.

    My highlights is getting retweets/favs from living legends like Kobashi and Akiyama.
  10. Rt, I remember tweeting Owens when he was still Steen. Asked about booking him with zoo tickets. Wanted him to run in on Punk v Ryback at HIAC, we went back and forth but it didn't happen. Damn shame.

    Also had a pretty decent convo with Chris Hero once, but that's about it.

    Online wise, however I did meet the Underfaker irl.
  11. Seen that Dunne rt, tell dad I love him.
  12. I met the Undertaker once.........................Ikr EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  13. Dang, that's cool....wait your twitter name is "The Wyatt Queen."

  14. Definitely a goal of mine... I'd have to meet him first. But one thing I think about... Sister Abigail isn't someone that can be replaced, she was someone important to Bray and can't be replaced. What I really want is to be a female member of The Wyatt Family.