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  1. Nick walks through the curtain and stands at the gorilla position momentarily, everyone in the room clapping as he taps the money in the bank briefcase. Cameras follow him through the back, until he reaches the interview area, where an interviewer approaches.

    Interviewer: Can we get a few words Nick?

    Nick nods his head, still breathing heavily due to the match.

    Interviewer: Well first off, congratulations on becoming Mr. Money in the Bank. Can we get your thoughts on the match as a whole?

    Nick: That... That was one of the most brutal matches I've ever competed in... I've been put through tables, hit with everything imaginable, but it doesn't compare... The competitors also really made me realize something, this X-Division isn't anywhere as easy as everyone jokes about it being. They're all threats to this...

    Interviewer: Now that you've mentioned it, who is your next contender?

    Nick: I have something in mind... trust me.

    Interviewer: And also, can you tell us what happened with you and Harriet towards the end? She was being escorted off by EMTS.

    Nick: Wow, I did not know that. I was too caught up in the moment.

    They show him on the monitor what happens. Nick and Harriet stand at the top of the ladder, jockeying for the briefcase. Harriet tries to Suplex Nick but Nick lands on the ladder, and power bombs her off the ladder, and her head hits first instead of her body. While Nick climbs up referees throw up the 'X' and Harriet is taken off.

    Nick: Seemed to be an awkward landing. You never want to see anyone get hurt, especially one of my greatest adversaries. But it's what happens in this business.

    Interviewer: Any last words.

    Nick: Alias Antonio, just know this. I can cash this in anytime, anywhere. You need to be on watch 24/7, or your title will be mine. Nick walks away, ending the interview.

    OOC: @Majour wanted me to leave Harriet with an injury
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