News Apple loses UK Samsung Appeal; Must now run apology ads.

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    Quite a funny read to be honest. They have to run apology ads in British newspapers and have a banner on their own website saying "Samsung isn't a tablet-design copycat."

    Suck it Apple.
  2. Good, Apple suck ass.
  3. Good. Mac fags are now crying.

    Android-fags unite! :emoji_slight_smile:)
  4. I'm bored of all this tit for tat now between the two, Apple sues Samsung who sue back for tedious shit then you have all the parasites suing for minor details after all the publicity this has gotten. Fuck this I'm going back to my Nokia 3310.
  5. I have a macbook, an iphone, and a big penis. 'merica Fuck Yeah!
  6. If you had number 3 you wouldn't need to compensate by using the other two :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipebombe:
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  7. Showoff starts with the letter S. You know what else starts with the letter S....small penis :true:

    NWO starts with the letter N. You know what else starts with the letter N....negro sized :dawg:

  8. lol and for 6 months.

    :mog: i must have this size.
  9. Good. Samsung as a company are growing on me, I never used to like them due to a more than questionable past regarding the corrupt CEO and other staff.
    Also, another Samsung win,

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  10. Wow that's insanely awesome.
  11. No penis works too.
  12. touche' my friend
  13. of course apple lost, who is going to rule in favor of a fruit. Plus I hear Sam Sung dont take any shit from anybody
  14. This unintentionally made me laugh a lot.
  15. Samsung > Apple

    That's the bottom line because I'm sure Stone Cold probably said, and/or thinks so!
  16. Here's their "apology"...

  17. That's not an apology, fuck Apple.
  18. Think it's actually meant to be an acknowledgement or something, but still, that last paragraph sucks.
  19. My brother works in Apple and none of you haters is getting any free samples of iPhone!!