Storyline Arabian World Of Warcraft, Al Blizzard.

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  1. An interviewer sees Dylan Gray walking down a hallway in a suit, he runs after him.
    Interviewer: "Dylan Gray, may I please have a word with you?"

    Gray: "What do you want? I got places to be, I don't have time for the lower class like you, go on."

    Interviewer: "Well on the 11th of June you go up against Al Blizzard at Retribution, just wanted to get your thoughts on your opponent."

    Gray: "I'll be honest, I don't know a lot about him other than he sounds like an Arabian version of that company that made World Of Warcraft"

    Interviewer: "And what do think of his style?"

    Gray: "Style? What style? Dressing? Wrestling? Who hired you! Look, I don't know anything about him, or why Michael booked me in this match, I didn't even know the guys name until Michael booked the match, I mean what's the point? Michael needs to reevaluate his position as booker, maybe hire me, have the phenomenal booking ability plus i'm 10x the athlete he is, but enough about Michaels inability and disabilities.... Al Blizzard if that's his real name, i'm going to beat him, easily, that's about it."

    Interviewer: "Isn't that what you said about Reagan Cole and Alexander Hightower?"

    Gray: "You shut your mouth before I shove a steel rod down your throat making it come out your ass, this is different, this is a NEW Gray, a new era for IWT, and I will prove it at Retribution"

    Interviewer: "And one last ques....."

    Gray: "No fuck off"

    Gray walks away buttoning up his sleeves.

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  2. If you beat him I will pay you many monies that I earn through YouTube. If you lose he'll never shut up.
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  3. If he even shows up.
  4. I'll rermind him. but he's on holiday till Friday I think.