Are the clocks on the server wrong for some areas?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Trip in the Head, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. I feel like the clocks for times posted is off by like an hour (or more) in my area. Here is my logic:

    I posted a status this morning about our IWT tag match and when it would finish. I said it would finish in 3 1/2 hours when I did out the math according to the time on my PC. But now when I look, that status said it posted at 8:31. When you add 3 1/2 hours to that its only 12:00, not 1:00 like I did the math out for. I think I have seen other people ask why polls are staying open longer than they say they will be open too. Not complaining, but wondering if its just a time setting that is incorrect since the server move perhaps?

    Now that the time the poll is listing has gone by heres a screeny with my computers time near the poll listing: ScreenShot029.jpg
  2. Server moved from Dallas to Paris, so the time was moved back 5 hours. The 1 hour difference comes from DST. You'll need to adjust it manually in your preferences.
  3. Oh, thanks for the explanation!
  4. I should probably adjust it to EST actually, seems to be the most common one here.
  5. Oh well I'll switch mine back then lol.
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