Are the young PG era fans the reason WWE is dying

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  1. It sez it all in the subject are the fans responisble of is it Vinces fault i mean if you look at the poll results from you see that todays fans have no idea about wrestlings past most never even saw WCW i personally think its the Kid fans that are killing what we love:upset:
  2. I didn't watch WCW the most, I'm more of an ECW fan boy. But no, it's poor booking. As I always say, booking is what's killing WWE. It is great to know the past WWE legends and history of companies like AWA, WCW, ECW, and NWA, but it doesn't affect here and now. This is the present, WWE needs good booking and planning NOW. With good booking WWE can be saved.
  3. Quite the opposite, actually. They make WWE relevant, 'cause why would an average adult would like WWE? There's UFC. It's more fighting and less chatty.

    I agree with Farooq. :emoji_slight_smile:) (I'm a PG era kid, and I know wrestling's past. That's the only difference I have with most of the PG era kids.)
  4. WWE isn't 'dying', lmao. And it's annoying how a lot of people today don't know a lot about the past, but current day WWE is what they watch so it's not a big deal. The present is what's most relevant.
  5. There's nothing wrong with being a PG era kid. The problem is only focusing on the PG Era kids outside of a glimmer of hope here and there.
  6. booking
  7. There lies the problem. They are making WWE relevent and keeping the shitty product alive. If they were not watching WWE would be in the shitter where it belongs and WWE would be forced to make some drastic changes. When you can have a consistently shitty product with very little work put into it and still maintain a good size audience of children who dont know shit about wrestling, why would you take a risk? So in a sense the PG kids are killing wrestling by keeping it alive
  8. Vince and his senile ass not booking nice stuff and not building new stars while milking part timers to no end are the problem. Although focusing your product on the kids demographic is not that good, which you can notice with Santino, for example. But that's not the biggest issue.