News Are WWE interested in outgoing TNA talents?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Aug 27, 2013.

  1. BS right there, they have an athletic 7 footer who can cut a good promo in NXT like Morgan? I don't think so.
  2. Colin Cassidy is said to be pretty slick on the mic.
  3. Matt Morgan and Crimson > Mason Ryan and Big Cass

    Other than them, Joey Ryan isn't a good fit in WWEPG. No use for Alex Silva, Christian York, Madison Rayne, no real reason to bring back Tara, either.
    So that only leaves Taeler... :gusta: Yeah, someone else can discuss her.
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  4. wwe just don't want to be associated with tna.
  5. If the right ones became eligible i'd want to snag them up (roode or aries) Other than that i'm not really interested.
  6. Morgan would be a great monster heel, I think. Better than stupid Ryfuck.
  7. I'm sure they got to be interested in some of the talent. WWE can do a whole lot with Matt Morgan if they were to ever use him right if he did join the E again.
  8. Tara would be good on a short term deal to teach some of the divas how to wrestle. Morgan could be good but i doubt he would get used well and would end up jobbing on smackdown.
  9. I can see Tara & Morgan having runs in WWE, but aside from them I don't think any TNA wrestlers could fit in WWE.
  10. TBH if Styles dips, why wouldn't they? Face of the only company they are compared to (1/3rd of the ratings) i think hes mid-upper 30s and is still so damn good. If Styles goes, he and Morgan (ex-wwe) i could see returning/entering into, but that's it.
  11. If I were running any company, especially a giant one like WWE with the developmental system and NXT and all, I'd instantly hire Morgan, Crimson, Taeler, Jesse Sorensen and Joey Ryan. Heck, even Tara is 41 now and still looks awesome, and in a great shape.
  12. Morgan, Crimson and Tara could fit in. Possibly Taeler as well, would love to say Joey Ryan but he wouldn't be able to work his character so nah.
  13. I think Christian York, Matt Morgan and Crimson would all make great editions to WWE, that and Morgan used to be in the WWE in 03,I don't see why WWE would have no interest in these talents.
  14. Crimson in NXT would be sick.
  15. Poor Gallows. Nobody remembers Gallows.
  16. They have Luke Harper so I kind of see the reason for not being into Morgan although there is room for both of course but i thought Crimson would have been responsible for some McMahon tent poles. An exsoldier who's not green as gooseshit any more and has some charisma as well as looking very marketable seems like a perfect fit.

  17. Crimson would appeal a lot more to the ginger demographic than Heath Slater.
  18. Heath has that loreal you're worth it kind of hair's almost Baywatch level majestic.

  19. Nah, to me Heath is a slap in the face to gingers. Like he is a stereotypical ginger, similar to so many stereotypical Asian wrestlers that WWe has come through. Crimson represents the real, every day hard working ginger who lifts weights and gets tattoos
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