Storyline Arrival

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    The titantron shows an almost entirely black screen, lit only by a small plasma ball. The stage lights are fully lit, though the other arena lights are turned off. A hand appears in shot and runs a single index finger across the ball, allowing a line of electricity to follow it.

    "Electricity. We all feel it. It is a part of us, it becomes us."

    While listing the next few points, Artemis places a finger onto the ball for each, until all five fingers are on the ball.

    "The hairs standing up on the back of your neck, the pumping of your heart as your favourite superstar enters the ring, the jolt of excitement when you feel the connection between you, the roar of the crowd around you as they stand victorious, the burst of pride to know that you were there to witness something special."

    The stage lights flicker slightly, as Artemis applies more pressure to the plasma ball, the camera pans out to show Artemis in a dark suit, staring directly at the camera. His face holds a smirk of approval.

    "These sensations that you feel are all electricity, it powers you, it is a part of you. That love for your favourite superstar keeps you coming back again and again."

    Artemis' face darkens now as he moves on to making his real point.

    "And yet you sycophants change your views - your bias - whenever the mood takes you. You don't know loyalty. You don't deserve to feel that electricity coursing through your veins."

    Again, Artemis applies pressure to the plasma ball. Stage lights begin to shut off now, steadily surrounding the crowd in darkness.

    "I can take it all away from you. Leave you powerless. Alone in the darkness... So I leave you with just one question."

    The audience hears the ball smash as the final lights go out in the arena,

    "Who's man enough to stop me?"

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  2. Dope debut promo man. Already interested in your character. Welcome to IWT.