Storyline Art Fundamentals

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    The camera flickers on, in the frame, the silhouette of a man sits alone in a dark room. Light bursts on illuminating the just the man. It's Jason, he sits frantic and confused as he discovers he is tied to the chair ,completely oblivious to the camera. He has been stripped of his clothes and put in a black and white striped jumpsuit. " Where am I? ARNO!!," he cries. No answer, but he continues shouting Arno's name.

    Lesson 1: Nothing is true...

    Jason is silenced by Arno's voice and looks around the room but it's too dark to see anything.

    Where are you Arno!?

    Good question, I'm here...and there...everywhere, I exist on multiple planes of reality far beyond human comprehension. Nothing you see, nothing you feel is real. We've been fed lies our entire life about...everything. This world is a well-constructed illusion crafted by the ones who control us...

    What the fuck are you talking about you psycho!?

    You are a slave...they all are and they are so deeply lost in the illusion they don't understand how fucked they all are. But then there is me and my people... above the illusion. Jason that's the reason you're here, because I want to save you from the illusion...I want to set you free and make you perfect...

    Lights flash on and the rest of the room is flooded in purple light. Standing Just behind Jason are Arno and Elise as they smile looking into the camera. Arno leans down and looks Jason in his petrified eyes.

    ...Like us.

    Jason tries to wrestle out of his bondage before Arno pins him down and motions for Elise to come around him. Her back now facing the camera, the sound of a small motor belonging to a tattoo machine can be heard resonated with Jason's painful moans.

    Aaaaand done. How's it look?

    *Admiring Elise's work*...Perfect!

    The two begin laughing hysterically, Frye stumbles over to the camera and brings it in closer to Jason and focuses on his forehead. A tattoo has been inked and it reads, "Slave." He laughs for a moment longer before panning down to Jason's sobbing face and continues to speak.

    To end off today's lesson I'll leave you with this quote: To say nothing is true is to realize that the foundations of society are fragile and that we must be the shepherds of our own civilization.

    The camera feed cuts out.
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