Storyline Art Show III

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  1. Artist walks out and get's in the ring quickly, before stopping and standing still in the center of the ring and looking around at the fans in attendance.

    Ladies and gentleman welcome to....The....Art....Show! The only original and successful IWT talk show. Artist smiles before looking side to side and continuing For the last month or two...I've been on a verbal crusade of the false god, the burning tower...Dat Kid. The man who claims to be the greatest of all time and goes as far as labeling himself a conceited, hypocritical god of pusillanimity...Or at least that's what i do... Who's only talent is being a boring bastard but nonetheless i have respect for at least one or basically the only member of his church. The man that goes into IWT Extreme Rules with 2 matches on his plate...Joey...Bryant!

    Artist waits for his music to hit

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  2. *The lights turn green all throughout the arena when...*

    *Most of the crowd boos Joey, but the marks cheer him on as he walks out onto the stage with no emotion on his face. He stands at the top of the stage in street clothes and his Joey Bryant T-Shirt, and stares throughout the crowd then at the Artist. He slowly walks down the ring to the music and rolls in and picks a mic off the ground set there for him. His music fades and he begins to speak.*

    "So this is what they have me doing now... a worthless show in a worthless company with a worthless competitor. You really outdid yourself man, I might as well congratulate you for getting Joey Bryant on your show. When you first asked me about this I wasn't even sure what the "Art Show" was, I really had no idea Dat Kid was even here to think of it..."

    *He strokes his chin for a second and the crowd laughs a bit but he continues.*

    "I could stand here and talk about my upcoming match but I think it'd be a little more fun to shut you down when no one else will. Whatever name you go under, Mr. "Artist", it just never works out for you. You lose, and you lose, you piss a bunch of people off while doing it, and then you go on and act like nothing happened. You're just one of those guys that will never become the next Joey Bryant, sure maybe the next Bruce Knight if you get a huge strain of luck like him, but even that's pushing it. Inviting me on your show was a mistake because I'm giving you a reality check. You. Don't. Belong here. You don't belong in the X-Division, there's no way in hell you'd get anywhere near my IWT Title, and you're definitely never getting after Dat Kid. Sure, maybe you could find a partner that'll carry you to the titles but you'd need a really generous wrestler that would be okay with dealing with your sorry ass for more than 5 minutes a week."

    *The crowd pops a bit and he continues*

    "You have no right to disrespect Dat Kid like you did. In fact, I hope all the "respect" you had for me is gone, consider me Dat Kid 2.0 I don't care. He's 10x better than you'll ever be and Dat Kid and I combined is 1 million times better than the entire roster. That's going to be proven at Extreme Rules when the Church wins the qualifying match and win those tag belts which I couldn't seem to do a few months back. Then, I'm going to win my IWT Title back with ease, ride on back to Buffalo, party like you'll never know, take a trip to New Jersey and take over that city with Dat Kid, and then go back to IWT with 2 titles around my shoulders. And while all that's going on, you'll still be nothing more than a spec on the IWT radar. Nothing more than a useless jobber. Before you retaliate against me, just know, say the wrong things, I'll make sure you never get another paycheck from this company again."

    *Joey gets right up in the Artist's face as most of the crowd is now cheering for the angered Bryant.*
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    Artist looks straight into Bryant's eyes before lifting the mic and continuing with no expression.

    You obviously have been to preoccupied with riding Dat Kid's dick than you have been paying attention to the surroundings of the IWT. He walks away from Bryant and stands in the corner I've said it before and i'll say it again...If i were to become a Joey Bryant or..."Dat Kid 2.0" as you put it...i might as well get a gun, aim it at my own head and pull the trigger. Why would i want to become what all of only 5 people like? Joey Bryant was the darling of the IWT for what? 2 months before you lost your title to Bruce Knight...Stop acting like you're still some force to be reckoned with because as long as you stay aboard the Church of'll never be the person i want to be...or any of these people want to be.

    Artist starts walking around Joey Bryant

    Your pitiful claims that i'm nothing but an X-Deadvision, left out, caveman of the IWT is far from the truth...believe it or not I'm not only apart of the IWT World Heavyweight Title division but i'm this close from proving you, them, and everyone else wrong... you see...I'm doing what you're to afraid to do...I'm doing what should have been done before it even started. That's end the legacy of Dat Kid...You may not notice but i'm already this close from capturing the IWT World Heavyweight Championship. Surely enough...the guy that you couldn't beat Alias Antonio will probably have that done by Extreme Rules.
    But nonetheless you hope the respect i have for you is gone? Sure thing because now that it's gone it will never come back or ever recover just like Dat Kid's golden status in IWT after Extreme Rules and Uprising.

    Artist halts and sits on the top rope

    Joey...i always wondered what it was like to meet the poor man's Dat Kid wannabe...Joey Bryant. And now i know it's as boring as Dat Kid's matches and promos. As unpleasant as Dat Kid's breath and as subnormal as his little gimmick. His little gimmick that some how gives you the confidence to hand out job threats? Haha That's like saying Joey Bryant has what it takes to become champion again. Tag title sure...World Title? Nah, you're not on par with any main won it once and that's all that will be on your record...ONCE. Give up the gig because you're not and never will be Dat Kid and i kinda want to shake your hand for that. Artist walks up and get's into Joey Bryant's face But i don't congratulate ass kissing bastards.
  4. *Joey just shakes his head.*

    "You and this show are both a waste of my time. Dat Kid and I are the next tag team champions, I am your real IWT Champion, and this pathetic excuse of a segment is over. Extreme Rules, The Church re-establishes their following. We re-establish our legacy, we re-establish Joey Bryant!"

    *He drops his mic on the ground and walks to the back to a mixed reaction.*
  5. Bitch ass nigga, do not make Tyrone Martin come back and kick your ass.
  6. Artist chuckles before continuing

    There you have it ladies and gentleman, the next big thi-Pile of shit. Now i see why Dat Kid loves Joey Bryant so much...They're both egomaniacs who are to gutless to respond to their doubters. Thank you Joey you have shown your true colors!

    Artist pauses and slouches back on the ropes before he continue's to speak

    Ladies and gentleman after a lot of hard work and research i found the Chruch's flag! A flag pole comes on the stage with nothing but a white flag and a single yellow strip running vertically. And i found their anthem!

    Artist clears his voice before continuing.

    We are the Chruch, all hail Dat Kid
    Our shelter and our lid he is
    Dat Kid the great and cowardice.
    He lives and we wonder why no one kills him
    Maybe after Extreme Rules he will be nothing but a broken limb.
    We run around sucking his dick
    No wonder our promo's and breath make people sick
    Everyone hates Dat Kid, the man with a yellow strip on his back
    Even our ear's have more hair than that's bastards Ball Sack!

    Thank You! and Goodbye!

    Artist drops the mic before he leaves as the crowd laughs and chants "Ball Sack"