Storyline Art Show V

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  1. At 25 seconds into the song The Artist walks out to an exceptional pop wearing an Aiden Ryan T-shirt once again. He makes it mid way to the ramp, spreads his arms wide and tilts his head back as purple pyro rains down from the ceiling. He rolls into the ring and asks for a microphone.

    Artist: Ladies and gentlemen...the last day or so have been hollow days to me. Hollow days the coldest of minds wouldn't want to be in. The Reaper claws but sometimes the fox falls into the rabbit hole. The empires do crush the does kill death. Empire's crumble but they don't always with an army. Not all gun fights kill with a gun. I've learned that to survive you must learn the depth of the war...and you must know the length of your will. I outstretched just a little over my length of will in my greatest battle with a man I've learned to not only respect but to admire...Dat Kid.

    Artist paces around the ring while he continues

    Artist: With that said...I won't let that get to me....Nothing holds me down. My World title shot was taken away but my battle sword was not. I'm not a fallen solider...I'm a replenished warrior, and that doesn't give mercy. Mercy is decided by the empire not the armies...I'm not an empire thus I don't know mercy. Though every army notices a trench. Empire's do not...I'm not an empire so I know a trench. That is a trait that is controlled by armies that can destroy an empire. I know how to get out of tough times and I know how to make an empire fall...most of the time. I was an army and Dat Kid was the empire...he knows just as well as I learned that all warriors have a weakness and mine was a challenge. Dat Kid truly manipulated me and took the World Title shot I worked for.

    Artist runs his hand through his hair as he stops in the corner looking across from him at the mat.

    Artist: Dat Kid...You truly are the man I should model my career. I have done everything to scratch and claw my way up the ladder and I couldn't keep onto my World Title shot...For me it was more about defeating Dat Kid and possibly it was only about getting that world title shot from me. We had a good run in...I would like you to come out here so I can formally congratulate you.

    Artist points at the curtain

    Artist: Please welcome our guest at this time...the man that taught me something valuable to survive here in the IWT... @Dat Kid !

    OOC: About all the metaphors and shit, thank 1800's novel's for that.

  2. The arena is quiet for a minute as it seems like Dat Kid isn't going to come out and then the arena is blanketed in purple light. A billow of smoke rises up from the center of the stage.
    Dat Kid walks out of the smoke and "Fuck you Dat Kid" chants start. Kid keeps his head in the air as he doesn't even acknowledge the crowd and slides into the ring.

    Kid snatches the mic from The Artist Reaper formerly known as Roadster.

    Let me start of by saying this, you never had a title shot, Roadster. Let's just take a moment to think. Who promised you a title match? Me. And who took it away? Me. Am I wrong?

    Dat Kid slowly walks behind Roadster.

    Roadster, I had you set up from the beginning. Don't you get it? You were the backup plan and man was it easy. I mean seriously, I've done a lot of string pulling here in the IWT, but you have to be the most gullible superstar on the roster. Did you honestly think that YOU were world championship material? Give me a break. So don't come out here and lay claim to something you never really had.

    Dat Kid walks back around to Roadster's eyesight

    You can ramble on about empires, armies, dragons, warlocks, and all that other shit you probably ripped off from Game of Thrones, but you're wrong. Empires fall, I don't. You could say the first generation was an empire and look where they're at now. The second generation is falling and they haven't even realized it yet. Then the same will happen to you and the 3rd generation.

    When they look at the IWT a year from now and all your so called "empires" are gone, the only thing that's going to remain the same is that I will still be standing at the top of the totem pole. I am not an empire, I am God.

    You want to congratulate me? Get on your knees and bow.

    Dat Kid points to the ground.
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    Artist grabs the mic from Faroo- I mean Dat Kid

    Artist: You want to think? Well let's think shall we...I left the IWT for a month, and in that month Alias made you cry all the way to your mother back in Jersey. I didn't have my title shot once you went home. The GM Trip gave me the shot again, not only did he give me the shot but he booked me for the following Uprising. You didn't do shit for me and you still aren't except you think your cool when you call me Roadster. By the way, you think The Reaper sounds cheap? Your the guy that calls himself god, so hop on your Pegasus sent by Moses and Jesus and fly your way to a psychiatrist office.

    Artist stares Dat Kid straight in the eye.

    Artist: Why do I bring up empires, armies and warlocks? Well it's simple...nobody likes you just like no one likes an have no brains just like a warlock...and MY army will crush you. Crush...Crush...doesn't that sound so familiar? I mean any kind of pride you had left was CRUSHED by Alias Antonio at Extreme Rules in your home town. That must be bitter, yet I have nothing to lose when I lose my matches because I have nothing built up. From here on in you have EVERYTHING to lose and nothing more to gain. You sit on a golden throne...that everyone else wants.

    Artist starts pacing around while he continues

    Artist: But what everyone else doesn't want is that mentality that you think First generation, Second generation and all that BS still matters. 1st, 2nd nor 3rd matter because I'm not apart of predetermined groupings by people like you...I'm The New Generation. That's not just a I'm the guy that will de-throne you from that golden pedestal. The Reaper isn't going to do that...The Artist is.

    Artist stops and get's in Dat Kid's stable view

    Artist: You want me to beg...I came to congratulate you. I'm not apart of your Chruch...I THOUGHT you had taught me something in the IWT...but now I look at it again...You Didn't. In fact the only thing you DID teach me was how to tear apart opportunities. Dat Kid...face me at Money in the Bank, for that #1 contender shot.

    The Crowd Pops
  4. Kid breaks out in laughter, pats Roadster on the shoulder, then heels over trying to catch his breath. He looks up at Roadster again then starts cracking up.

    Hold on- I'm sorry.

    Dat Kid starts laughing again and then sees the expression on Roadster's face.

    Oh you're serious.

    Kid stands back up.

    You, just like every other person on the roster can talk about how Alias beat me, but news flash, he's the ONLY man on this roster who can beat me. Joey Bryant, Kaizer, Lee, Magnus, Suicide, Spinzz, all incredible athletes...that can't beat me. Here's the part that may come as a shock to you. I don't know if you've realized it yet, but you're not even on THEIR level, let alone mine. You've been batting out of your league since day one and it's amazing how you can't realize that.

    Since we're reminiscing about all the life lessons you learned from me beating your ass, allow me to add one more. Never fight in a match where you have nothing to gain. Roadster, I beat you, no one cares. You don't have a title, you don't have a number one contender's spot, you don't even have any prestige to your name. What in the hell could I possibly get from beating you again? huh....nothing.

    Dat Kid looks to the side


    You want a match for my #1 Contender's spot, then you get on your knees right now and you bow because there isn't a damn thing you can say that'll get you that title shot. Be a man and takes what's yours. Bow down to me right now, show me you're willing to do whatever it takes to claw your way to the top.
  5. Artist looks to the ground and it seems as if he's going to beg

    Artist: But wait. So you only give title shots or title opportunities to guys who beg? So does that mean Alias begged you for a title match when he beat your ass in MSG? So does that mean I can pop you right now and that'll count as begging? Enough of the question, let's get down to business.

    Artist stays stationary.

    Artist: You claim if I want to be a man, I have to beg you. Well that just shows exactly what kind of "man" you actually are. To be a man, is to answer your challenges and silence your disbelievers. That...that's my challenge because you are probably the most critical of challenges and critics I've ever faced. Your running away and the only way your going to face me is if I "become a man" and beg at your feet? Your sorely mistaken because the only way I'll beg to your feet is when my soul leaves this body. I already got bit in the ass by your antics and I won't fall for your charade again.

    Artist get's up to Kid's face

    Artist: I've only fought and nothing actually think your a god. You think you're the great immortal champion from the folk tales...Well I'm sad to inform you that you're just the pitiful, fallen king of your "generation." I may have lost...but you know what redemption want redemption from Antonio...I want redemption from both of you. I won't stop until I get my match with you.

    Artist stares Kid straight in the face waiting for him to respond.
  6. You can try to get a match with me all you want, but it'll never happen. In fact, this might be the last time you ever set foot in the same ring with me again. I've used you for what you worth and now I'm gonna toss you to the side like scraps.

    You wanted a match with me and I gave you a chance at it, but your pride got in the way. You're kind've like Farooq. Excellent competitor, but he let his pride get in the way and by the time he realized pride was just a hinderance to success, he was past his prime....and now you will walk in his footsteps.

    Jesus wept.

    Dat Kid shoves the mic into Roadster and leaves the ring.
  7. C
    Roadie was in his prime?
  8. Artist looks at the mic, let's it drop and get's on his knee's just before Kid leaves through the curtain.

    Artist: Happy Kid.

    Artist is still on his knee's

    Artist: But I would like to say a few words....*Artist seems to be thinking*. I would like to say that... *Artist starts to get up* I Will never, ever beg to you for anything. Take your pussy home because I'll fight for that shot to matter what.

    Artist throws the mic and the screen fades.