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  1. *The ring is decorated with classic pieces of art such as Mona Lisa, The Scream, Blue Boy among others, and outcomes Artist coming out very slowly as the crowd boo's some what softly but with a passion.*

    Artist: A congenial welcome to you, ladies and gentleman and welcome to The Art Show! I have an ingenious trail blazer for his generation here in IWT, the man who has an impending future of great's ahead of him, but there's a couple things i need to say before i bring him out...

    He glares up as if he is about to jump into his own grave

    About....*He rolls his eyes sneeringly* Dat Kid, who has once again dodged my open remarks about his perished future and his soon to be perished career. Dat Kid is not someone who has much to his credit, neither do i! Yet i don't act like god, i don't act like i gave the champion his rub, i don't act like a half witted loaf. You'll probably have your mouth shut again even if you here me! That's okay because in due time i will not only get your heed, but i will catch everyones due time. Your legacy is all but down the drain and WHEN Aids beats your ass, you'll be nothing but Aids due harlot! Kid you are on the way down, and i...i'm on my way UP! I will never let those transparent words go, "No Name and What Is His Name" Those are something i won't let down until you....stand in awe of my career.

    Now without further ado! Chris Kaizer!!!

    OOC: @Bill Clinton

  2. Chris Kaizer walks out from backstage, he is wearing his t-shirt that reads "And Kaizer Will Sleep". He makes his way down to the ring.

    Ah yes, the Art Show.....such a great show. Nothing compares to this. It's better than the talk show with Tyrone Martin, R.I.P.

    Now, first thing I have to say, Dat Kid is too busy fantasizing about Joey Bryant to really care about what you have to say. Second, that Mona Lisa is beautiful. Third, so much for Frie shutting me up, huh? If you actually believed him, I feel really sorry for you. He promised he would humiliate me, but, he failed at doing so. Because he didn't have Joey Bryant at his side this time. He lied to everyone. He said he was going to expose me and shut me up. He did none of that, all he did was make a fool of him self. Like I said he would. Now he is going to fall back into his hole of irrelevancy. Now onto business, I am your first guest back. That should be a really big honor. Now, aren't you supposed to ask me questions or something? Oh, and before you try and be funny, do not ask me about my sleeping pattern. Yes, my sleeping pattern is not very good, sleeping through entire PPVs isn't helping me very much, but hey, what else am I supposed to do? Watch one promo matches because the booker didn't listen to the competitor about how he can't compete on Mondays? Wait to watch one of the most hyped up matches then just see it get canceled? Psh, stay up and watch Alias bury everyone? Where's the fun in that? When I sleep I can dream about a good IWTMania. Or me actually getting a title shot....anyhow. Yes, my sleeping schedule is messed up, there, now you can't ask me about that. Yeah, I am forcing you to be more creative, deal with it.

    Now, come on, I'm waiting, Roa-Roadi-Artist.
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  3. About Frie, do you think he's as big a pussy as Dat Kid? A better question IS THERE ANYONE who's a bigger pussy than Dat Kid?

    You know i actually like you Kaizer, but i like Frie and Dat Kid more. They both have something about them, retardation, inflated ego's and AH! Big pussy's to go with them. Alias, you say the man can bury god i mean Dat Kid any time of the day. Then again does anyone care? You and I hate Frie for his big mouth, and small penis. I'm not sure if you think Dat Kid wants gay sex with Joey Bryant or not, but i do think that's one of his "qualities."

    Now let's get into some questions, Artist vs Reagan Cole, who would job faster? A better question is how long will it take for Reagan to job? No, now i'm serious....Artist vs Lord Lee, predicted rating and Kaizer vs Alias predicted rating?
  4. You see, Frie isn't a pussy, because he had enough balls to face me at Mania. So I will give him that. Now Dat Kid, ever since our last match, he still offers me a rematch, but hasn't happened yet. Wonder why? But there is a bigger pussy than Dat Kid, he goes by the name of...well we don't know his name, we just call him Unkown. He is the biggest pussy in IWT, he won't even show up to face the GM, who is a pus-nevermind, don't want to lose my job here.

    I do say that Alias Antonio could bury Dat Kid, he could bury anyone. Even the former IWT Champ Joey Bryant. He could bury you. Now, I am better than to attack Frie for his "sexual" uh...features or Dat Kid's "sexual" preferences. I will state that I do hate them, both, equally. I treat everyone equally.

    Now, you vs Reagen Cole would end in a draw, because no one would give two shits about you two. Now you vs Lord Lee would be good because Lord Lee is in it, everything he does is terrific, just wish him and Donald Trump would have dinner with me already, doesn't seem like that is going to be happening anytime soon. On a scale of 1-10...9/10 because of Lord Lee, ten points off because of you. Me vs Alias, 10/10. It's me vs Alias, do I really have to go any further? Me and him could have both of our hands tied behind our backs, be blindfolded, and have both of our legs cut off, and we would still put on a MOTY candidate, judging by this year so far, it might win.
  5. Ha, *whispers to himself* "overrated"*

    You seem very cocky, but that's from the point here because you have the biggest ego in the IWT. What about CM Pun- I mean Dolph'sZiggler pussying out and leaving the IWT?

    About, you vs Alias. Alias is simply put a monster, he's beat me, Bryant, Aids and pretty damn sure he can beat you just as fast, personally Me and Lee, 9/10. For me being 4 points and Lee being 3 points and 2 points for the European title match. You and Alias will be an undoubtedly 4/10. 4 for Alias and that's about it. So what about D'Z bitching out?
  6. Chris Kaizer looks at Artist in disgust before walking off the set and up the ramp

    Well, now that the man known as Chris Kaizer has seceded from the Art Show let me....once again rant on my never equal hated rival, if that's what you villein call it.

    Dat Kid, ha, this is gonna be fun since he won't reply to my slandering of his career for no reason, at all! Dat Kid, the shrewd "creative genius" I mean you can't get any more clever than, pretending to be god! Leading the failing Church! Becoming Jono's assistant, The guy has enough talent to last Joey Bryant 1 hour. Your lunatic claims that you built Joey Bryant, of course with help from Frie You claim that your god, you claim that Aids Johnson is scared of you, that i'm a NO name, and that you don't know my name. The problem with those utterances is that their coming from you, an egomaniacal, in denial self centered douche bag who actually has no idea what he's saying. You never have known what to say. You claim your ridiculed and that you lose to the underdog game. No, Kid you lose because you aren't endowed in what you think is talent. Your what you are afraid to say, a useless stepping stone....that in due time.....i will conquer.

    Now! Let's get my next guests out here, the losers! The Dazzling Chav's!

    OOC: @gav the chav @B.Dazzle

  7. Dat Kid comes walking out with shovel in hand.

    You don't think I know what this is? This little weak ploy you got going on here with Kaizer. What you're trying to do is no different from what everyone else is doing, the difference between you and them, if that you don't know when to shut up Roadster. Yeah I'm gonna call you Roadster, fuck whatever this bullshit gimmick you got going on here, because no matter how many times you change your appearance, you will always be a loser.

    You are Unknown 2.0 and it's sad that you can't see that. You can come out here with Kaizer, so he can dangle that tie he has over me, but it doesn't mean shit because when I look back at my career I can look at 5 different title reigns, when he looks at his career the greatest thing he's ever done and will do, is manage to tie with me.

    You say you're headed up, the only thing you'll be headed up to is the front of the line in the unemployment office when you quit the IWT because you can't manage to beat anyone, let alone get in my division.

    You want to know the saddest part about this. You and everyone else in that locker room keep throwing around Alias' name when it comes to me, saying he can beat the church and quite frankly it doesn't matter because you can put all your faith in this man, but the fact remains it is YOU GUYS who will never beat the church. So you put your faith in the king of the garbage pile because you feel he represents you, but the fact is, Alias maybe a fucking loser, but at least he's not no name pieces of scum who have to say my name a million times to get a match out of me.

    You guys want to fight me so bad? How about you both stop losing matches and then we'll talk.

    Jesus wept.
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  8. Kousaki: I'll call the morticians.
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    Oh, the sorrow. Keep making yourself feel better with your cheesy ass catchphrase, and acting like you can bury anyone that comes into your not so ingenious mind. Keep calling me Roadster, because it shows how much you can't care about anything but your crappy god gimmick. Aids can beat you and Alias most certainly can beat you. The difference between You and Alias or Aids is that they back up what they speak which isn't bullshit. You come out here with your shovel, which you use to spew this shit out of your mouth because obviously your talk game has led to more disasters than paradises. You consistently bury yourself with the detritus you keep shooting. That same garbage that blocks off the sense to your brain which is i beat one of your former D-Generation-X lackeys. Yep, I haven't won a match, The point behind you trying to get Aids is because you wanna prove you can win a belt more than once. Something i highly doubt. When i see you i see a legend that's made his legacy into a joke with your lack of sense. Yes i won 2 matches last week, including at Mania, yes Kaizer won a whole bunch including at Mania.

    Something that makes me laugh when i look at you is say that you said we have to say your name a million times to get noticed? Who interrupted Aids Johnson's match to get noticed who made video promo, calling out Aids and his accomplishments? Dat Kid. Stop running, your just like Kaizer and I, except we notice we aren't at the top of the card, something you're struggling with so much. Get this in and don't let it out, you're not special and will never be special. There's future stars, main eventers and legends and as far as i'm concerned the way you're moving, your none of the above but rather a self absorbed Aids Johnson wanna be. Now get off my show, i have #relavant people to interview.
  10. You damn right I don't care about anything else other than me and why should I. You say it as if anyone else gives a damn what you or that idiot standing next to you do. Hell, you can't even say you can beat me, you keep going to Alias and Aids, you know why? Because you know you can't! That's why after talking about for an hour, all of a sudden I'm an irrelevant subject. If I'm so irrelevant how about you keep my name out your mouth little bitch.

    You damn right I wasn't at the top of the card, but i sure damn stole it and you can sit here and try to slander my career, but everything you've ever done in this company is like a regular sunday to me....if i had autism.

    Then you say "I'm running"? Who the hell is running? You're the one begging me to go away, like a child hiding under the blankets from a monster. I tell you what Roadster I'm going to give your opportunity of a lifetime.

    I am challenging you to a match at Uprising and I'm going to put my World Heavyweight Championship on the line, but all good things come at a price. You see, I wouldn't waste time with an idiot like you normally. You want a shot, you want a match with me, you want to make a name for yourself, I'm gonna give you that chance. At the next Uprising, Dat Kid vs The Jobster, for the World Heavyweight Championship and if you lose, you leave the IWT forever.

    Accept the challenge or back down like the bitch we all know you are.
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  11. You never, were at... or stole your spot at the top of the card you have a title that represents people who can't win the same belt more than once, and i thought you already did have Autism? Yep, your running...your running from the fact that you have tried every tactic Kaizer and I tried. Except we went for an Autistic douche bag and you went for The better Aids Johnson. I MUST ask you, how am I begging you to leave? I'm saying i would rather interview some guys who have an actual taste of a good match that isn't nearly a year old. Which brings me to the kid and blanket thing you said. I like how you bring up hiding under a blanket because... where were you to answer me the other 4-5 times i did this? You finally built up your mettle to meet me in the ring without your posse? If i cared enough to look at you the same way since your bemean promos as of late. But, ya know i thought hey why not, but you added your stipulation, you win you keep the belt and i leave, and WHEN i win....i take the belt....and The Church....Ends. Deal is on, haha, take a look at these paintings, because when "The Jobster" beats you at EXTREME RULES not Uprising, these paintings are going to be the last sign of prestige you'll see in a long time.

    Now please, Fat Kid, leave the ring so i can do what i'm here to do and thats interview @gav the chav and @B.Dazzle if that's to much to ask you?
  12. I'm sorry I don't think you understand how this works. I said Uprising and I never said anything about the church ending. You are in no position to negotiate. You're not even good enough to be in the X-Division, so you take what I feed you or you can starve to death. Trust me, this is the only time in your career that you will ever get a shot at my title. The only thing I want to hear out of your mouth is "Thank you Dat Kid for the opportunity, I'll see you at uprising" or you don't get a shot...period.
  13. Why am i not surprised Dat Kid has pussyed out ONCE AGAIN? You really don't know how to shake off a bad name, there's a reason Kaizer and I and so many other are calling you a pussy for that exact reason. You know The Church is in jeopardy and you want to throw your credibility in the way to keep the sinking ship known as The Church alive. Well, when you get an idea of how many people know and say you're a pussy you can put that little posse of yours on the line. I accept your challenge, and.....Look at the schedule if you want a match at Uprising which is in June then why answer me now? At Extreme Rules next month, i won't have any problem taking that, no name phrase into reverse.

    *Artist extends his hand to Kid....Does he shake?*
  14. You just lost your only shot at a world championship. Have fun drowning in mediocrity.

    Dat Kid exits the ring.
  15. Artist: What i say? You're gonna back out of the match now, you have the chance to rid of The Jobster? And you're leaving it behind? You laid the challenge and i accepted. What's more to it?
  16. Dat Kid continues to walk up the ramp

    "A chance to get rid of the Jobster"? Oh my I better run back down to the ring because that's such an illustrious honor! Please, I don't need to face you in a match to get you out of the IWT. Once you and everyone else realizes who really runs this show, you'll realize how stupid you sound right now. I laid down my terms, you tried to negotiate and I told you not too. You did this to yourself and it's the reason you will remain out here and take your little petty shots at me, except the difference between now and then, is this is the last time you'll be seeing me.

    Dat Kid walks through the curtains.
  17. Artist: Did you listen to me? I said i agree to your terms, but when you're ready and when i have the belt you better put your posse up on the line. I didn't negotiate. You just backed out of a match that's in your court because i said when i win and if we had a match you better put The Church on the line.

    Talk about a 2011 Draft moment eh? Let's lay this out Kid, Me vs You at Extreme Rules for the World Heavyweight Title, you win i leave and when i win i take your title. Deal?