Storyline Artist has Aids....

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  1. *Artist comes out wearing his regular get up and dances his way to the ring while singing oh god, he asks for a mic but the female ring announcer runs before he arrives.*

    "Ladies and Gentleman...and Ladies, Welcome to the shoooow. Y'all see i'm out for 1 thing, and that's success and....i'm out to make what i haven't done already with your momma, Championship Gold, but theres one thing that's keepin me form that, Aids Johnson!

    *Crowd Boo's*

    So Dat Kid, come on out. *His music hits and outcomes a fat, ugly midget impersonator of Aids* Wow! The real thing? I thought you were really busy! Let's get straight to the questions! Who does your spot belong to? *Fake Aids: "YOU* Who does your momma belong to *FAKE AIDS: "YOU" well that settles it! Aids you have nothing! You washed up, drunk has been who is literally hiding behind a women! You gave me a match with you and then it turns into Harriet? I know exactly what will happen in our match, You'll start winning and i'll get a beer bottle and stick it up your ass and your addiction, and your win will belong, to the man made from a sizzlin blade, the man of the hour, the man thats to sweet to be sour, the man that bangs longer than Suddam hangs! Me! The Artist, you'll be a joke in your own poke! Hahah! None the less, Aids i don't care if i lose and i probably will, but i want a match with you and when you take off your panties, and put down your augmentations that your planning on getting, accept my challenge! Dark, Headline or anything. I want you in the ring, and you'll go down like Google against Bing!
  2. Chris Kaizer: This guy thinking he can beat Aids....[​IMG]
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  3. Artist: This guy obviously didn't read the part where I said I might even lose but I don't care
  4. Aids walks out to no theme, as the crowd stays silent. He notices the fake Aids in the ring, and then moves his attention towards whatever Roadster is calling himself these days.

    No, why would I waste my time. *Instead of waiting for a reply, Aids just turns and walks backstage as the crowd pop.
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  5. Artist: Aids you afraid, I've got the moves of thousand vibrators? Hehe, come back when you want some Big E rection!
  6. @Majour you busy wonderful?
  7. Not that busy.
  8. Funny thing below....

  9. Aids i thought you would be one of the first to get the logic behind this shit....

  10. Harriet stands at the top of the ramp, casts a glance at the Artist with pure disdain before slowly making her way down ringside.

    She signals for a mic to be placed into her hand before slipping into the ring.

    'Well aren't you a persistent one?'

    'Clearly getting buried by me wasn't enough for you.'

    Harriet turns smirk at the crowd. ​
    'Now you're practically begging for Aids to bury you too. What the hell is wrong with you?'

    Harriet shakes her head in disbelief.

    'Aids will not waste his time and energy on you and quite frankly, you're lucky that I'm kind enough to even acknowledge you.'

    'You've bypassed ambition and bravery and gone straight to losing your damn mind if you think Aids is going lower himself to your standards. You need to stick to people in your league... no, game. You aren't even in the same game.'

    Harriet perches on the top turnbuckle, watching the Artist.

    'Give it up sweetheart. You can change your gimmick a thousand times more but the truth of it is that you'll always be a jobber- it's just who you are.'

    Harriet shrugs at the Artist before hopping from the turnbuckle and stepping between the ropes. She stops to hand the mic to an assistant and makes her way back up the ramp.​
  11. Artist:

    Hehe, how'd you know i was so persistent? Of course all the ladies know about my persistence in bed, hehe. Buried who's buried i know a ho by the name of Sunshine was buried in something of mine, hehe hehe. Aids doesn't want to spend his time and energy on me? But i know what he wants to spend it hehe, hehe.

    You ask what's wrong with me? I don't actually know, do you wanna find out? hehe.
    You can smirk all you want, but that smirk is hiding the fact you want this *He extends his pelvis* I mean, only the best ho's get a crack at me, hehe.

    Wanna know something sweet cheeks, show your TRUE feelings and give me whatcha got hehe, hehe! Because i have one thing Aids hasn't and never will give you....But the censor's will block it, hehe hehe.
    *He stands atop the ropes with a vulgar stance screamin, "I'm always open for business!"

    With that he walks to the announcer's desk and sleeps on it, stating. "Wake me up when Ms.BoringAsHell is done.
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